Wardrobe Wishlist: JCrew Glitter Pocket Cardigan

I have officially decided my heaven will be the inside of a JCrew store…. with a scantily clad, Abercrombie model serving me mojitos.

I’ll be surrounded by ruffled necklines, belted cashmere pullovers, and embellished tees. And of course I will be wearing the Glitter Pocket Cardigan….which has been on my mind since I saw it online while I was shopping during class.

This sweater has quickly pushed itself to the top of my wish list, and for good reason. We all love cardigans – what else can be worn with literally everything and instantly pull an outfit together? (You know it’s good when I can throw it over my walk-the-dog-flannel-pants-and-UGGS-combo and not look like a hobo).

But cardigans are pretty much all the same, which knocks the urgency with which we need a new one down a couple notches. That was until JCrew came out with the Glitter Pocket Cardigan. It’s stunningly chic while still being effortlessly casual, which is pretty much perfection for college students with not a lot of time, but a lot of need to look good (dinners, parties, hot men?!).

It’s made of merino wool, which is heaven to my skin’s ears since it is dreading itchy winter sweater season. It’s a longer silhouette hitting below the hip, meaning you don’t have to worry about the tank underneath riding up all night, revealing your inner plumber. And the embellished pockets are fresh and unexpected…and just totally fabulous.

It’s not quite in my price bracket, but since wonderful JCrew gives a 15% student discount it’s definitely on its way to being there. Plus, while I’m there I can get a complimentary personal shopping appointment, where some magical JCrew employee will style me in all the latest fashions. That’s a deal too good to pass up, even for a cocktail-poor, 99-cent-Ramen-dinner-eating college girl.

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