Some Idiot’s Bright Idea: Let’s Cancel Summer

Studying on the beach? HELL NO.

WOAH. Stop right there. Hooooold up. Wait a minute. Don’t go there cuz I ain’t wit’ it.

I can’t believe my ears.

I just heard the worst idea in the history of idea-making and I swear I am not overreacting.

A US Senator, Lamar Alexander (yes, please send him nasty letters and kick him on the street), stated in a recent Newsweek Article that “an educational schedule of 3 months of summer is not relevant in today’s world and [college] students should take more credit hours and graduate in 3 years, saving 25% in tuition costs.”

I have so many problems with this one sentence I don’t even know where to begin.

I guess I should start with deep breathing into a brown paper bag. And eating a brownie.

Ok, now that I’m somewhat composed let’s start with Mr. Alexander’s cost argument. It’s an obvious fact that our parents, our own bank accounts, and out future selves for the next 15 years, are being raped of any and all money we make or will make to pay for college. But in the grand scheme of things, how much less of a burden is it to pay $120,000 versus $160,000?

Either way, the financial aspect of college has all of us students spurting premature wrinkles, and I’d rather spend one more year of my life tailgating, eating diner food at 4 am, and partying the night away before I have to face the fat, red negative number in my bank account.

Plus, doesn’t this guy realize that just because you cram 4 years of work into 3 doesn’t necessarily mean you will pay less? Summer classes are an extra cost outside of your tuition, and the majority of schools charge per class, so this will not save the student any money. Not to mention that some colleges even charge students for each credit they take above a certain number during a semester.

Alexander argument: denied.

And then there’s the stress. Does Senator Lamar wants us to freakin’ die?! Five classes is a full course load. Many of us have taken six; the really ambitious (or really unfortunate) have taken seven. It is physically impossible to take this many classes, 6 semesters in a row, without a break. Is this his secret attempt to kill off all the students before they hit the job market to lessen the competition and save his own ass?

And, dear Lamar, when do you expect students to work to earn the money they need to pay tuition? And what about the ever-important college internships? In this competitive market getting experience through a summer internship is vital to securing a job post graduation. How are we supposed to fit that in with the 27 credits we’ll all be forced to take each semester?!

Bottom line: our lives are already way over-packed. We are stressed out, burnt out, running all over the place, and sometimes the only thing that keeps us sane is that 3 month break from classes looming in the future.

I’m glad this guy got to go to school and balance his internships, classes, and fun without having to have people stress him out by threatening to cut out his summer vacation. Perhaps he should stop being an ass and let us have our college glory. Four years already goes fast enough

What do you guys think? Is this man off his rocker?!

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