Single. And In a Dry Spell

"What am I gonna do with my life? And why hasn't he texted me back?!"

In about 6 months, college is going to throw me out into the real world. I’m currently facing the greatest dilemma a 20-something-year-old can face; law school or grad school? Or maybe try for a job? How about travel around Europe for a month (and by “travel” I mean explore exotic drinks and dudes). But then how am I going to start paying off my student loans? And what will my parents say if I tell them I want to live on their couch for a little while (read: forever) until I find a job that pays me a lot of money to do what I love.

And with this big-giant-looming-really-effing-scary fork in the road coming up… I STILL manage to be focusing on how crappy my love life has been lately.

It took about three waves of feminism, but women have finally been allowed equality. Our lives have gotten richer. We have social lives, interests, careers, the works. Yet nothing, I mean nothing, gives us our ups and downs quite like relationships. We may not depend on a man for financial stability, but when it comes to emotional stability, it seems they’re somehow still the ones in control.

One of the best things about being single is freedom! You don’t have to plan your schedule or your decisions around anyone else. But are we doing that anyways? When I’m casually dating, it seems I’m still always waiting around for that call (or, let’s face it, text…we’re a lazy, lazy society). It’s a simple equation: I’m happy when he texts, I’m bummed when he doesn’t. And all of this for someone who I don’t really owe my precious emotions to!

And even during the dreaded dry spell, we manage to let men take our emotional reigns. When there’s not a prince charming in the picture (actually I tend to date guys who look more like Shrek…), it tends to take over our lives. Every other part of your life can be better than Nordstroms’ end of the season sale, but nothing brings you down quite like a dry spell.

Well I for one am tired of leaving my emotions to another person…especially if that other person doesn’t, you know, exist. A dating dry spell isn’t the end of the world. In fact, it could be a chance to get reacquainted with yourself and those other parts of your life you’ve been neglecting (for example, your grades!). It’s also a good way to avoid going 300 text messages over your plan because you send winky faces to your crush every hour (no wonder I can’t get a date…).

It’s hard to remember when you’re in your 20’s and being bombarded with 13 new sh*tty Sandra Bollock romantic comedies a year, but guess what… we do have other things going on in our lives besides men. Great things that can make us happier and more fulfilled that the stupid boys who aren’t beating down our doors.

Hell, it’s Friday. Get up, get dressed and go get drunk with your friends.

Without checking your phone every 15 minutes to see if a guy has texted you, please.

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