I’m Torn: Making The First Move

Boys. What a confusing subject. More confusing than my European History class and Biological Bases of Behavior class combined, and they’re tough enough alone as it is. You think they feel one way and it turns out they feel the exact opposite; sometimes good, other times bad. If they’re were an award on Most Mixed Messages Sent In One Night, boys would definitely take the cake. And the trophy. And then celebrate with a beer bong.

Right now there’s this guy I kind of have a crush on but I have no idea what he’s thinking so I’m not sure what to do. My sorority and his fraternity always have mixers together, and no matter whom our respective dates are we always end up dancing together in the end. At our last function we hooked up and exchanged numbers, but then, thanks to Swine Flu and a class field trip (yeah, we still have those), I couldn’t see him for weeks. We’ve been doin’ a bit of flirxting (that’s text flirting…start using it) but nothing real has happened so far. I know some people think ladies should suck it up and make a move, but I tend to hang out in the guys-always-make-the-first-move corner.

And he’s not making one. Should I?
I’m torn.

Love It:
If I do ask him out on a date and he says yes, then that would be a definite step in the right direction and I would know for certain that he was crushin’ on me too. And if says no, then at least I know and can move on. Because right now I’m totally confused and stuck in the middle (and over-analyzing his every text), and that’s never a good feeling.

I’ve heard some guys even like when girls make the first move, because it shows that they’re interested and have the confidence to show their true feelings. I don’t know how many guys this applies to, but it would be great if they could tell us if they liked it or not. That might be wishing for too much though.

Loathe It:
If I don’t do anything, then I’m just like any other girl. But that may be a good thing too, because I don’t want to seem too forward or too aggressive, because those traits are even worse than being too shy. I’ve never made the first move in the past, so I’m used to that road and am comfortable taking it. I like this way better because it forces the guy to take action and makes them show you how they feel so you know if they feel the same way or not.

And then there’s the whole “Not making an ass of myself,” which is always good. The last thing I want is to tell this guy that I wanna makeout some more and have him tell me he’s actually semi-dating some other girl.

So what do you think? Would you ever make the first move? Is it worth it?

Beware of Meggings!
Beware of Meggings!
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