8 Under $20: Express

So, Express isn’t cheap. That is pretty obvious when you walk in and the hot shirt your eying for your birthday party is marked at $49. But every few months, they have a major sale. And I mean major. The kind that makes you giddy and happy and willing to sift through giant over-stuffed racks because the deals are just. that. good.

You see, Express marks their stuff down to really low prices and then gives you an additional 20% off of that! That is some serious saving on a lot of really cute stuff. It’s a frugal fashionista’s dream. And that dream is coming true right now.

I sifted through the (digital) racks for you and pulled 8 of my favorite pieces. They’re all under $20, so you can stock your closet without that annoying guilt getting in the way.

I love the whole 80’s look of this dress and the bright turquoise will brighten up these dreary fall days.  Belt it and wear some leggings and boots and you’re all set.

This cami is classy, but still fun & trendy with it’s large polka dot print.  And it’s versatile too; it’ll look great with a pencil skirt, jeans or black wide leg slacks.  And for cooler days, pair it with a cardi, boyfriend blazer or a tuxedo jacket for a variety of looks that’ll keep ya warm.

Sure, strappy heels make every outfit look instantly better, but they also make your feet instantly achy. Give your feet a break and your look a little punch with these sparkly gold flats.

You can never have too many leggings in your wardrobe and I love the pretty green of these.

Hats are a super fun way to liven up any outfit (and stay warm!). Not only is this an adorable newsboy style, but the tweed gives it more flair.

Another tank that’ll work (and look) great under fall’s best jacket trends.

This loose, flowy, boho-chic top will look great with a hot necklace and a pair of skinnies, or layered under a great boyfriend blazer for dinner with the girls.

Big, bold accessories add so much to an outfit. Just slip this wavy bangle onto your wrist and your look is instantly complete. And because it’s silver, it will work with just about anything in your wardrobe.

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