Campus Couture: Keepin’-It-Comfy Meagan

While everyone is fabulous in their own right, we thought we should celebrate the campus fashionistas of the world for their continued excellence in not looking like a hot mess for class. So, we started stalking those girls on campus to get a few pics and get some tips on their personal style.

And maybe a restraining order or two.

But it’s worth it to highlight fresh, unique wardrobe choices that show personality and the courage to wear what you believe in.

I’ve known Meagan since elementary school, and she’s always been one of the happiest people I know (she’s a cheerleader so she has to be, I guess). Her clothing choices are always full of color and spunk, and she is the definition of cute: a tiny body with a big personality that shines through her outfits. She doesn’t sacrifice comfort for fashion, however, because she believes that fashion is not necessarily about looking good, but feeling good. And that is the most inspiring thing I’ve heard about fashion in a long, long time.

Name: Meagan
Year: 2012
Major: mechanical engineering
Meagan in 3 words: levelheaded, nerdy, friendly

1) Describe your personal style.
Casual and comfortable, but definitely cute. Most days you’ll see me in a nice top with jeans and flats. I’m very down to earth, not overly girly with lots of make-up or anything dramatic. Just comfy and cute.

2) You can’t leave your house without your ________.
Cell phone.

3) What is your favorite store to shop at?
Nordstrom – they have everything you need from outerwear to underwear.

4) What/who is the biggest influence on your style?
I don’t idolize a celebrity or a specific designer or anything. I’m influenced the most by my friends, and usually I just wear what’s most comfortable. For me fashion isn’t about looking your best, it’s about feeling your best.

5) What’s your favorite trend, past or present?
Skinny jeans.

Featured clothes:
Dress – Forever21
Belt – Nordstrom
Leggings – Nordstrom
Flip-flops – surf shop in San Louis Obispo, CA

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