Duke It Out: Save Money, Move In Together?

"I love....how much money we're saving by doing this."

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Even though I keep hearing the recession’s over, those of us on a student budget are still tightening our belts (and not because it makes us look thinner). A lot of innnovative ways to save have popped up in the last few years, but one of the most life-changing is the idea of moving in with the significant other to save on rent.

There are some good reasons girls are doing this, no question. First and foremost – money! Splitting your payments with a roommate makes the payments easier on all, but more over, by splitting with the BF your money (and his) is actually going to the place you’re both spending time. Most couples tend to spend most of their time at one person’s place (usually the one without the creepy or obnoxious roommate/that weird cabbage smell) so it makes sense to pool the money into that place’s rent instead of splitting it up between two different apartments when one barely gets used.  And the money crunch can be a good excuse for moving in – like, say, if your parents are a little less than thrilled about your relationship turning all grown up – if it was something you had planned on doing anyway.

The move in can also help you get to know someone in a way nothing else will – an important step if you’re thinking about a long-term future.

But that’s also a problem with moving in, isn’t it? Liking someone, even loving with them, is way different when you don’t have to find their dirty underwear on the living room floor. Even though you may spend most of your time together as a couple, most people reserve a few private behaviors for being alone in their own place (remember when you were scrubbing your face with baking soda? A little more awkward with the guy watching you). Even if you’re really, really comfortable with each other, there are certain things that have to be worked out when you live together: who’s turn is it to clean the bathroom? Where’s my dinner, man?

And then there’s all of those little habits that you put up with over at his place. They were cute then, but they may start to grate when you spend almost every minute of your private time together.

Also, we shouldn’t ignore that moving in with somebody is big thing, so making the decision because of money can be a bit risky. Like hooking up with a guy you really like after a night of tequila shots (oh god, do I know that story!) – sometimes it all works out for the best, and sometimes it leaves you nauseous and crawling for the door.

So, what do you say, ladies? Would moving in with you-know-who make your life easier? Or would it just lock you into a relationship? Would you move your stuff to save cash? Or would you rather shell out a little more for your privacy?

Duke. It. Out.

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