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Project Runway Rundown: The Hottie Vs. The Hot Mess

the final 6

The Final 4. Plus two dudes who are lucky to be there.

That’s it. I am d-u-n-z-o with Project Runway. DUNZO! I love me some Heidi Klum and I think Althea is fantastic, but I refuse to support a show that I just can’t connect to anymore. If you haven’t watched this week’s episode (and you still care what is happening in this snoozefest they call Season Six) I would stop reading now. Cuz I’m about to get angry.

Ok, it’s pretty obvious that the girls are running the show this season. The judges got rid of the only guy with talent (Ra’Mon) a long time ago and it’s pretty much been a battle of the ugly for the dudes since then. Everyone knows Althea and (Meana) Irina will be showing a final collection sometime soon.  And the third spot will most likely be goin’ to Carol Hannah (and her annoying nervous laugh).

But the guys. Oy. Let’s break it all down for ya:

Yeah, I really thought he was the underdog/dark horse in the beginning too. Sure, I hated his facial hair and the weird rings he sometimes wears on his index finger, but I let it go cuz I figured he was using all his creative energy on his designs. But now I know he just has no taste. At all.

Bottom line: Christopher blows. Big chunks. Hard. And we’re standing there holding his neck beard back. He’s terrible and does NOT understand women at all. Especially in last night’s challenge:

“Yes, please put a lot of extra bulk around my thighs so I can’t sit in the dress and I look like one of Cinderella’s evil step-sisters. Awesome.”

He seems to think that he keeps sneaking by because he’s “meant to be there,” but the truth is, there’s just always someone there who does a little worse than him. And he should really give those people a big, fat thank you gift. Just not a dress; that would just be rude.

He’s hot.

Ok, so Logan isn’t very good, but he’s mighty good to look at. Even in those silver pants. And, yeah, his design last night was pretty effing awful/so bad not even Tila Tequila would wear it, but worse than Chris’s hot leafy mess?

And this is where the judges and I disagree. And I get angry. Yes, angry enough to pause the DVR, walk into my kitchen, grab a few Reese’s cups and resume watching. I mean I get it – Logan was bad. Logan has never won a challenge. Logan is bow-legged.

But LOGAN IS HOT. Why keep the guy who’s always making big, ugly ball gowny things (and don’t forget the beard!) and get rid of the one reason I’ve been watching all season?

WTF, Heidi/Nick/Nina/Other chick? WHAT. THE. EFF?

I’m really at odds with the judges this season and I just don’t know how much I can care anymore. Poor eliminations, paired with that absurd outfit Heidi was sporting last night, really has me questioning their fashion knowledge and abilities to judge at all. We need Michael Kors back. BRING HIM BACK.

Oh, and one more thing: If Christopher and his 30 yards of crap are not gone next week we’re gonna have a coup on our hands. I’m talking to you, Heidi Klum (and your pink, ruffly shirt)!

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