The Smartest Accessory Ever Invented

I am a serial shopper. It’s a problem. I’ve accepted it. (That’s the first step to recovery right?)

That being said, I see so many articles of clothing, pieces of jewelry and cool accessories in my daily internet perusals that I am rarely rendered speechless by something in particular. But girls, it has happened. I actually came across something that has stopped me dead in my Internet browsing tracks, screaming inside “OMFG! This is genius!”

Are you dying to know?

They are called Bandits, fabric boot embellishments that slip over the top of your adorable yet simple fall boots to make them fresh, new and totally awesome.

This is genius in so many ways.  Allow me to count them out:

1. You can have 8 boots in 1 by simply buying different Bandits to slip around the top. Finally, making your pieces last for more than one season is super easy (and fun!).

2. There are so many boot trends right now that it is hard to keep up, especially on a college student’s budget. But with the quick slip of a Bandit you can take your basic boot from girly, to rocker chic, to Native American inspired, to grunge. And all without having to shell out another $100-$200 per pair to fit your many style moods. All you really need is a basic pair of black and brown (which are easy to find and often at a good price) and you’re good to go for years.

3. Your boots are now ultra versatile. I would also never purchase boots with these elaborate details because it would restrict them to fitting one category of outfit, whether it be by color scheme, style or feel. If I feel like going rocker chick on day with a leather jacket and chunky metallic jewelry, my leather boots will look totally out of the loop if they have a girly, Victorian inspired appliqué. But if I can change out the embellishment for a leather strap and a double gold chain, I’ve got the complete package.

4. Um, they’re cute?! These boot bracelets are super adorable and totally unique. You won’t find boots with this sort of detailing in stores unless you’ve got some serious cash to burn.

For someone who gets bored with my closet way too quickly (especially when that closet is made up of staples that I justified purchasing by my favorite mantra: “this will last me for years”), this accessory is a lifesaver. I’m starting my Christmas list now, and this is number one. And maybe number two.

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