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College: A Love/Hate Relationship


stressed out studentWe all have to admit that aside from the five days a week of partying, the sexy men, and the girl talk/Cheeto-fests that lass into the wee hours of the morning, there are those aspects of college life that aren’t so great. And we make sure everyone knows how much we hate ’em when we whine to our friends over cafeteria slop/to our moms on the phone/to the rest of the world via our Facebook status updates.

And why not? Despite the stereotype that college students just eff around playing beer pong for four years straight, being a college student isn’t easy. (And, hello, we play flip cup, too!)

Over at US News, they documented some of the most commonly hated problems about being in college student. And we totally agree: getting closed out of the classes we need brings us to tears (and sends us into a pity binge of wine and nachos) and the boring professors make me want to rip the hair out my head.

But when I got to thinking about it, isn’t college really just one big love/ hate relationship? Sure we complain about a lot of things, but secretly deep down, we find the silver lining.

full lecture

"The prof will never know I'm gone!"

Big Classes

Hate: Who hasn’t groaned when they walked into the first class of the semester to find 400 other people cramming their way into the lecture hall? How are you supposed to learn anything when you have to battle a sea of hands to ask a question? And your professor will never recognize how brilliant your paper is when he has hundreds of others to read.

Love: As the semester wears on and you decide to sleep though a couple of classes, you start to see the upside. The guy will never notice the empty seat, and attendance doesn’t affect your grade. And if you don’t get to the reading he assigned, it doesn’t really matter because it’s easy to hide out in the back and never get called on.


buying booze

"Hopefully showing off my boobs will distract him from the fact that my ID says I'm 35."

The Liquor Store

Hate: You walk in and instantly all eyes are on you. They get a kick out of it, really. “Here’s another underage little kiddie coming to get some Mike’s Hard Lemonade for their party.” It’s insulting, and embarrassing. But it’s your turn in the rotation, so you really have no choice. When you get to the register he looks at your crappy ID, then at you, then at your crappy ID. Scared, you explain that you just dyed your hair brown last week and the nose ring is new. Then he scans the $12.99 price tag and asks for $25. He knows you won’t argue, because, let’s be real, he’s doing you the favor here. So you bask in the humiliation and fork it over.

Love: But the minute you step out of the liquor store, vodka in one hand, some wine coolers in the other, you feel the triumphant glow spread through your body. You have an armful of proof that you have successfully purchased booze, and you float back to your dorm. Nothing quite beats that feeling of success, even if it comes at a steep, inflated price.



"I need Jimmy Johns freaky good, freaky fast, freaky right now."


Hate: We whine about midterms like it’s our job. Memorize everything we have learned in the last 3 months?! How dare they! We lose a week of our lives we can never get back holed up in the library, and all the flashcards are surely having an adverse affect on our eyesight.

Love: Midterms gives us the excuse to walk around in the sweatpant-Uggs-baggy sweater combo for a week and hold study sessions in Starbucks that inevitably turn into caffeine-fueled gossip hour. Not to mention that midterm snacking is the only time it is socially acceptable to gain five pounds from ordering in food every night. It’s not your fault that you don’t have time to cook and everyone knows that studying and the munchies go together like cheese and greasy breadsticks. Which you are currently eating. By yourself.

Plus, when they’re over you have an excuse to drink your face off for a week straight.


group project

"Hey! Let's all pretend we split the work up evenly even though I'm doing it all!"

Group Projects

Hate: I freakin’ hate group projects. I always seem to end up in the slacker group with the pothead who can’t form complete sentences and the drama queen that has so many other important responsibilities she couldn’t possibly have time to meet up to make a PowerPoint. So what option do you really have? You stay up all night in the library making presentation slides alone, so that your whole group can bask in the glory of you’re A+ work. Yea, it’s annoying.

Love: Then again, it’s ten times easier to speak in front of room full of people when you have three other students by your side. Plus, group projects are usually jokes anyway, and they are never graded as hard as the solo ones. And if it gets me out of writing a paper, I will gladly take two hours to put some pictures and facts in a PowerPoint.


holiday dinner

"Maybe rolling in just in time for dinner isn't such a bad idea."

The Final Final Exam

Hate: Life is so unfair! While everyone else in the world is curled up in front of a fire relaxing, buying Christmas gifts, and baking with their families, we get stuck with the last final on the last day of exam week. Again. And to add insult to injury, the dorm cafeteria closed three days ago and we’re forced to walk out in the bitter cold to the only caf that is still serving food. All the way across campus.

Love: But when you call mom to check in, you hear Aunt Ida screeching at Uncle Ed in the background and she’s ordering your little sister to get out the naked baby pictures to show her new boyfriend. Perhaps having to wait until December 23rd to head home for winter break isn’t the worst thing after all. You get out of having to set the table (which your mom insists on doing a week ahead of time) and you aren’t forced to sit and listen to Grandpa Jack’s war stories for the hundredth time.