OMG, The Parents Television Council Needs to STFU

I am getting really freakin’ tried of hearing from this Parents Television Council, aka The-Ultra-Conservative-I-Have-No-Life-So-I-Want-To-Make-Everyone-Else’s-Miserable Club.

Their most recent rant is in response to the racy Gossip Girl ads advertising a “3Some” on next weeks issue. OMG! A threesome?! What sick bastard could possibly have come up with this storyline? No Twenty-something’s engage in this sort of promiscuous activity in real life!

Give me a break. First of all, this group may have had an ounce of a point when the characters were in high school, but they are in college now, people. You know that time in life when you do whatever you want without your parents breathing down your neck and shielding your eyes from all that devilish sex going on?

Second of all, nothing about Gossip Girl is realistic. Any kid with half a brain realizes that you don’t leave bio class to get a martini at the Ritz and then shoot over to Bergdorf’s and buy a pair of $5,000 Manolo’s while your boyfriend is getting an after school tutoring session from a prostitute. This would be called fiction, something all of your children learned in elementary school. Although it seems that you must have been daydreaming during that lesson.

Third of all, if you don’t want your kids seeing it, then turn off the stupid TV! Do you not own a remote? Stop trying to shut the show off for the entire country when you can simply click the off button and torture only your own (unfortunate) kids.

Us college girls have a really hard life. We stay up studying all night long, sit through classes all day, run to internships and attempt to fit in a social life, all when trying to figure out what the heck we are going to do with the rest of our lives. Stop trying to take away the one hour a week we have to completely indulge ourselves in the Gossip Girl fantasy world and a glass of wine. We like sex. We like catfights. We like the completely unattainable fashion.

And most of all: we can’t wait to find out which three characters will be going at it next Monday night. So go chain your kids to a chair in front of Sponge Bob reruns and leave our guilty pleasure alone!

Sesame Street is All Growed Up
Sesame Street is All Growed Up
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