The Know: More Pumpkin? Yes Please

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Red Mango Pumpkin Spice Yogurt
It’s no secret by now that we love all things Pumpkin over here at CollegeCandy. We tweet about Pumpkin pie blizzards, celebrate the return of the Pumpkin Spice Latte, write about lighting pumpkin candles as we write our midterm paper (or make sexy time) and include recipes that cut the cals and add the flavor by using canned pumpkin. While the sad news is that the season of pumpkin flavored everything will only be here for another 2 months, the good news is Red Mango has debuted the best pumpkin spice yogurt ever.

Fo’ Real.

And it’s healthy. Holler! They even sprinkle on graham crackers for FREE. I recommend adding their dark chocolate chips to it too, because we all know everything is better with chocolate. So find a Red Mango near you (or drive to one if it’s a state away…seriously, it’s worth it!). But Hurry! Red Mango is only serving up this cup of heaven until December.

Anique Michele
There is one thing I love in life (aside from Pumpkin flavored things, the Backstreet Boys and cute men): Cute clothing and accessories that are C.H.E.A.P.

And after you check out this new gem of a website, you will be naming your first children after me (or her…I understand). Anique Michele has amazing jewelery, bags, clutches, clothes, scarves and more that fit right into your college budget. Rings for $8, clutches for $15, bags for $30?! True, true and true.

Bonus: Anique Michele (the woman behind this heavenly boutique) is so excited that we shared this with our readers that she’s giving CollegeCandy readers 15% off for the month of November!! Just enter “collegecandy” at checkout. God, things just keep getting better.

Half-yearly Sale at Nordstrom
And while we are on the topic of cheap clothes, I thought I should mention that Nordstrom’s infamous half-yearly sale is going on now. If you ever were going to splurge on say, an amazing Marc by Marc Jacobs bag, now’s the time!

Give It Up For The Old Ladies!
Give It Up For The Old Ladies!
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