Budget Stylista: Clutches Are, Like, So Clutch

It doesn't matter what you wear. This bag will make the outfit.

Going out 3-5 nights a week is a lot of pressure. You have to learn to pace yourself so that you can go out again the following night, you’ve got to learn your limit so you aren’t throwing up in class the next day, and you’ve got to look cute.

The “going out top” has become an often-used phrase in the shopping vocabulary of college girls nationwide, but oftentimes we forget about the rest of the outfit. Like the bag. Stacy London will tell you that a bag is just important to a complete look as your top. It makes a statement and not just “I’m hiding this girl’s tampons.”

That being said, using the same clutch 5 nights in a row is not only a big fashion mistake, but it leaves your trusty black “going out bag” covered in beer stains, marks from the dirty bathroom floor and some sticky crap that landed on the side after you dropped it on you walk of shame home. That’s a good look on no one.

But how does anyone justify buying a new clutch when they’re so damn expensive? Seriously? $200 for something that barely fits my cell phone?

Well, not anymore!

Now you can complete your “going out” look – bag and all – without breaking the bank! I found some of the cutest clutches around (big, small, ruffled, leather…)and all of them are – wait for it – under $30! At that price you can snatch them all up, or at least grab two that make a bold statement and rotate. You’ll look good and still have a little money leftover to store in one of these clutch clutches.

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