There’s a Fine Line Between Assertive and Really Effing Scary

It’s 2009. Who doesn’t support a strong woman, am I right? Whether you want to assert yourself by wearing jeggings or teaching your guy how best to push your buttons, we’re behind you a hundred percent. Especially if you’re old and fragile.

But Elizabeth Lambert, a junior at the University of New Mexico and a defender on their women’s soccer team, takes assertiveness to a whole new level. Lambert was caught on tape acting like a big scary ogre  toward other players during a New Mexico/BYU game. Strength is one thing, but this chick is ridiculous.

If there’s anyone at University of New Mexico reading this right now, we sincerely hope that you never accidentally cut in front of this girl in the cafeteria. Or step on her foot at the bar. Best case scenario: a giant bald spot where your loose bun once perched. Worst case: well, we can only hope some big, burly bouncer guy has your back.

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