Rent The Runway Makes My Couture Dreams Come True

Yes, you can afford to wear this dress!

The basement of my parents’ house is a graveyard of dresses from years gone by.  Prom dresses, formal dresses, dresses worn to weddings – you name it, and you can find it down there. Seriously, I put Katherine Heigl’s 27 dresses to shame. And the worst part of it all is that these precious and costly dresses only saw the light of day once in their entire existence. They got all prettied up, made their debut, and then got stuffed back in the closet never to be seen again. Honestly, it’s a little heart-breaking.

In this day and age of recession and cutbacks on my wardrobe, I simply can’t afford to keep on living this way. Which is why is saving my life. Their slogan is “Love. Wear. Return.” and one look at their website will have you fashion-orgasming, I promise.

This mail-order service allows women to rent high-end fashions for one-tenth of the retail price. Running from $50 to $200 for a four-night loan, that Diane Von Furstenberg dress you’ve been eyeing will be delivered to your doorstep, in TWO SIZES just in case. After you’ve had your fun, you simply mail it back to the company, and they take care of the dry-cleaning. It’s so effortless I may slip into a fashion coma.

Do you know what this means? Never spending a fortune on a dress you’ll probably wear once before it goes out of style. Always looking better than everyone else at the party because you’re in the latest Christian Siriano design. And finally, the end of outfit-repeating. I’m literally hyperventilating at the thought.

Praise be couture, Rent the Runway is mecca. Now I just need somewhere to go. If only it were acceptable to wear Chanel to a frat party.

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