The Rival Rundown: Lafayette vs. Lehigh

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Ask any college student about the rivalry between their school and its arch nemesis, and they’ll tell you it’s gone on for-ev-errrr. While it may seem that way to most, to students at Lafayette College and Lehigh University, the seeming eternity of their rivalry is the closest approximation to truth in American college sports. Having met one another for 144 times in football since 1884 (only one year after standardized rules for the game were established), their rivalry is the most played in college football history. Still going at it after all these years, the annual game is often sold out months in advance. But you don’t have to travel to eastern Pennsylvania, where these schools are located, to learn more about “The Rivalry”– we’ve got the scoop!

1. Mascot Match-up

Lafayette: If you find yourself in Easton, PA, you’ll be quickly accustomed to all of the Lafayette Leopard pride. Go Leopards!
Lehigh athletics were known as the Engineers up until 1995, when the decision to assign a mascot, the Mountain Hawks, was made. Only last year, in 2008, was the Mountain Hawk given a name: Clutch!

Three credits to: Gotta go with Lafayette. How can you cheer for a team for hundreds of years without a mascot?

2. Athletic Assertiveness (in football, since 1884)

Lafayette: 76 wins
63 wins

Three Credits to:  Including the 5 tied games between them, Lafayette is the dominant team.

3. Notable Games

Lafayette: In 2005, Lafayette’s Jonathan Hurt caught a miracle 37-yard touchdown to earn them the win over Lehigh and their first at-large bid to the NCAA D1-AA playoffs!
In 1987, the  last game was played in Lehigh’s Taylor Stadium. At the end of the game, fans stormed the field and literally tore the stadium apart, grabbing goal posts, seats, and all memorabilia that could be wrested from its halls.

Three credits to:  Lafayette for the stunning victory and the playoff bid!

4. Acceptance Rate Agony (for the class of 2012)

Lafayette: 37.2%
Lehigh: 27.9%

Three credits to: When it comes to academics (and that’s the important part…right?) Lehigh has the edge!

And the diploma goes to: No bones about it, folks– it’s Lafayette all the  way!

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