It’s On: Pink Vs. Aerie

America has more name brands than Law and Order reruns and while you may want to go unload your entire check at GAP or Abercrombie, you don’t want to buy something that you thought was cute and unique and later have buyer’s remorse when you see something identical for less.

I’m not encouraging you to start buying knock off Jimmy Choos from Payless and wanna-be BCBG dresses at Walmart (although, just throwing it out there, you may find some very GOOD knock offs). All I’m saying is you should know that EVERY store is competing with another store and when you shop competitively, you save money. Money that you can use to stimulate the economy…or your wardrobe.

So I thought I’d help you sift through the proverbial mall and figure out which stores are best for your budget. Each week I’ll be comparing apples to apples (or undies to undies) to give you the real deal and arm you with the knowledge you need to make the wisest wardrobe choices. Ready. Set. SHOP.

Aerie vs. Victoria Secret Pink
Whoa, didn’t see that one coming did you? In fact, some of you are sitting on your bed thinking, “Are you serious, there is no competition!”or “Those two aren’t even the same.” Well, ladies, think again.

You know Victoria’s Secret Pink.

You’ve been to Pink before so I’m not going to bore you with a description of the store, but here is a little info on that brightly lit store blinding you on your way to Starbucks.

* Since its creation, Pink has been hailed the #1 Loungewear brand in the World (well at least, according to LimitedBrands, the parent company of Victoria’s Secret and Pink).
* In 2008, VS launched their “Exclusive Collegiate Co-branded Collection” and they currently own the rights to more than 33 colleges and universities in the country.
* They are best known for their loose fitting, extra soft sweatpants boasting giant peace signs.
* Some of their most popular items are their PINK tote bags and new, trendy college hoodies.

Thong: $9.50 (or 5 for $25)
Bra: (about) $30
T-shirt: $15
Sweatpants: $30 (or 2 for $50)
“Frilly” panties: $9.50 (or 5 for $25)
“Plain” panties: $7.50 (or 5 for $25)
Shoes: $35
Other adorable stuff: $20 (except for that adorable mascot puppy; he’s usually free!)

Now for the competition:

It’s new, it’s cute and, YES, it’s competing with VS Pink.

* In 2006, American Eagle Outfitters Inc., the parent company of American Eagle Outfitters, launched their “intimates sub-brand,” Aerie.
* They take a more pastel approach to the “dorm-wear” fad
* Their simplistic, yet dainty color schemes of light blues and pinks makes them appeal to less brazen crowd.
* On October 13, 2009, Aerie’s Customer Loyalty Pass (aka their A-List Pass that some of you currently own) surpassed over 1 million in a little over a year, which is pretty big deal for a newer store.
* The ambiance of the store is enough to pull even the most timid shopper in.

: $7.50 (or 5 for $25), $10.50 (or 4 for $25) and $12.50 (or 3 for $25). The most expensive individual thong you can buy is $14.50.
Bra: $24
T-shirt: $20 (or BOGO)
Sweatpants: $34.50
“Frilly” panties: $10.50 (or 4 for $25)
“Plain” panties: $7.50 (or 5 for $25)
Shoes: No shoes, they cut those about 6 months ago, but they sell booties and slipper socks that’ll run you about $29.50 each
Other adorable stuff: $ 20

You be the Judge
So, what did YOU guys think? According to survey of 30 girls or so, this is what you guys said:

– 81.8% of you guys said you prefer Pink to Aerie
– Every month, 50% of you girls spend between $25-$75 in Aerie or Pink
– 82.6% of you guys shop at Victoria ‘sSecret more than you do American Eagle.

When asked what you hated or loved about Aerie OR Pink, this is what you said:

“I love Pink because it offers me a variety of retail and it’s fun, flirty, and fresh.”
“Aerie just doesnt appeal to me. Something about it seems rugged and not sexy enough.”
“Sweatpants should never cost $70. Too expensive”
“Aerie is boring”
“I don’t like the way PINK bras fit, they’re too low cut for me and I feel like I’m falling out of them all day.”

At the end of the day, neither store is traditional nor is either store “cheap,” but in both, you can expect to find something that will make you smile and something super comfy to wear to class. Or maybe something you can take off for your male friend later…

What do you have to say? Which do you prefer?

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