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Rachel Paula:
Every now and again a blog comes along that you just. can’t. stop. reading. Before you know it, it’s 4am and you’ve read every entry. TWICE. Your midterm paper sure as hell isn’t going to write itself, but, hey, it was worth it.

That’s how I feel about Rachel Paula. A single girl tackling the big-bad-real-world in the biggest, baddest more real worldest place of all: New York City. But for entries of glitz, glamor and fabulousity, you will need to look elsewhere. While the blogger herself reeks of fabulousity, it’s because she is so candid, funny and, for once, honest about life and love in the big city. You will laugh, you will cry and you will feel like you want to be her BFF.

Brown Rice Pasta
I love carbs. Really, I do. but carbs don’t share that mutual love and adoration with me. So when I tried giving up all flour based products for 3 months last year, I was sad. Like really pathetically sad. Maybe that’s because I thought if I looked at once more piece of brown rice, I would in fact turn into one.

But then, like a beacon of light in the Trader Joe’s aisle, it was a like a food cupid shot my heart and directed me towards my carb-replacement soul mate: Brown Rice Pasta. It looks like pasta, it tastes like pasta but it is made out of brown rice. Read: flour-free AND a complex healthy carb. I did the hora (you know, that weird circle Jewish dance) in the aisle, ran away from the people giving me weird stares,  stocked up and have never looked back. It’s a great pre-run, pre-major study sesh, post bar, quick dinner, great anytime, fix.

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Waste Time With These Awesome Sites
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