Budget Stylista: Reduce, Reuse, Rewear!

We all have that friend who can wear the same dress over and over and over again, but each time it somehow looks new. Or different. Or cooler. “I wish I could do that,” you think as you stare at your dress and think that by wearing different shoes you will somehow achieve a whole new look.

FAIL FAIL FAIL, my friends.

Fact is, in order to make a dress look new and different you must change all components surrounding it. If you wore tights and heels last time, wear leggings and flats this time around. If you rocked red lipstick before, do a smokey eye and a muted lip. Add accessories, switch out the belt that came with it for a new chunky detailed belt, throw on a blazer…

Think about that piece in your wardrobe like your favorite fro yo place with an add-your-own-toppings bar: Oreo makes everything better the options are endless!

I know it can be a bit overwhelming (lord knows you can’t pile everything on top of a cotton tee like I pile on every. single. topping at Yogurtland), so let me help. As an example I took one simple gray conservative-ish looking dress and broke it down into 3 totally different, totally awesome Budget Stylista ensembles.

Look #1: Rocker Chic
Throw some lace, patterned or colored tights into the mix with a leather jacket. Add some rocker chain earrings and a pair of sky high platform pumps and this dress just laughed in the face of Hilary Clinton’s conservative pantsuits.

Dress: American Apparel
Lace tights: Apostrophe by Sears
Black leather jacket: Urban Outfitters
Black heels: Forever 21
Chain Earrings: Stella & Dot

Look #2: Casual With a Twist
Take that gray dress and work it for daytime with a pair of leggings and some adorable flat booties. Add a little touch of sparkle with a fun headband and make it more Fall-appropriate with a cozy scarf. If you wanna add more layers, slip on a long cardigan and you’ll be comfy and put-together.

American Apparel Dress
Black leggings: Forever 21
Headband: Forever 21
Flat booties: Yup, you guessed it, Forever 21
Scarf: Urban Outfitters

Look #3: Day or Night Glam
I love the option of this over the knee boot because you can rock it high or fold it down! Hide the tie that comes with the dress under this sequined belt (or put the belt on over the sweater in place of the cardigan tie), throw on black opaque tights and the beret and you are good to go! You can wear this for day (especially those days when your hair is dirty but you don’t want anyone to know) or trade the cardigan for a vodka soda and hit the town at night.

American Apparel Dress
Detailed Belt: Urban Outfitters
Chunky Cardigan: Old Navy
Black Tights: Hue (the best tights in the business, fo sho)
Over the Knee Boot: Forever 21 (these bad boys are a steal compared to the hundreds you’d pay elsewhere!)
Black beret/beanie: Forever 21

Need a Glass of Wine?
Need a Glass of Wine?
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