Weekly Wrap Up: Friday The 13th Has Us All In a Tizzy

It’s Friday the 13th, and even though I’m not particularly superstitious—I’ve stepped on many a crack in my day, and my mother’s back is still working just fine—I do feel a little uneasy. That’s mostly because, as my main man Tim Gunn might say, I’m concerned about a lot of things right now. Senior year just isn’t as stress-free as I thought it would be. I’ve got stupid group projects, the college gender gap, and the Gosselin-Johnston unholy d-bag alliance to worry about.

And that’s not all—we’re living in a world where wearing a miniskirt to class can get you expelled, for Pete’s sake. It’s enough to make you want to abandon college altogether. Here are some of the other things that have been worrying CC writers this week:

–       Gossip Girl’s ill-advised threesome. Was anyone else hoping that the ménage would turn out to be between Chuck, Blair, and a clone of Chuck?

–       What exactly is Google Wave, and does it mean that the robot revolution is coming sooner than we thought?

–       How long it’ll take to get off the waitlist at Rent the Runway, a website that promises to make all your fantasies come true.

–       You don’t have New Year’s Eve plans yet? What are you, some kind of social leper? It’s already a few weeks before Thanksgiving!

–       How to get out of oral without bruising his fragile male ego.

–       The “Bad Romance” video. What is Lady Gaga on?

–       How many beers you’ll have to drink before you can make this awesome bottle-cap table. Then again, maybe that’s actually something to be excited about.

Who Wants To See Levi Johnston Naked?
Who Wants To See Levi Johnston Naked?
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