Tech Goes Girly. And I Want It All

pinkcompSo the majority of girls aren’t whizzes when it comes to technology. If you are, all the power to ya.

Can you fix my iPod?

But no matter if we are clueless (“which end of the charger goes into the wall?”) or tech savvy, we all have one thing in common: we’re girls. And with that comes the need to accessorize, decorate and carry around gadgets that match our outfits.

So instead of running around campus with boring gray accessories, why not add some excitement to the tech side of your life with cute, girly gadgets? Hey, it might even help you down the road. When your computer crashes, the fact that it’s pink may just stop you from throwing it out the window. And if it doesn’t, well at least you’ll have a cute padded case to cushion the fall.

Flash Drive:


I can barely remember a pen when I roll out of bed in the morning, let alone the flash drive that has my essay saved on it. Now there’s no need to place Post-its everywhere I may happen to look (my shower caddy, my makeup bag, you get the deal), because you can’t miss this sparkling bracelet hanging in your jewelry box. Add flair to an outfit and bring your documents with you wherever you may go? Done and done.



Okay perhaps it’s a little gaudy, but in the privacy of your dorm room, why can’t you indulge your inner girly girl? Staring at a word document for 6 hours will have you passed out on top of your keyboard, squares imprinted on your cheek, drooling onto the space bar. It’s just messy. A flashy keyboard will put a little excitement back into your homework (Okay, excitement may be a bit much, but the light from your lamp bouncing off the rhinestones will at least keep your eyes open) so you can get ‘er done.



After awhile the touch-pad on my MacBook really starts to bother me. You bump it, it clicks off the page. You have to hold down control to right click. You have to use two hands to do anything because you’re too challenged to maneuver this thing with just one. It’s annoying. And don’t even get me started on the little ball. How does anyone ever use that!? I’ve had enough and I’m ready for a real mouse. But, I don’t want just any mouse to plug in, I want a cute one. That sparkles. Yeah, it’s pricey, but it’s also the coolest thing to happen to my computer since, well, I got my computer.

Laptop Sleeves:


Lugging your laptop around campus sucks, but it sucks less if you do it in style. These sleeves are super cute, come in a variety of colors and are padded to protect your laptop from damage. (“Dad, I don’t know why it won’t turn on! It’s not like I accidentally drop-kicked it down the stairs or anything…”)

iPhone and Blackberry cases:

bedazzled blackberry iphone-case

Pretty much everyone has a Blackberry or iPhone these days, and I refuse to be one of the automatons with my handheld glued to my hip. But I’m also not willing to give up BBM, so I’m going to make mine prettier so it stands out from the rest. Good plan, right? These cases are so adorable your phone will be more like an accessory than the addiction it currently is.


cute earbuds

How freakin’ cute are these? I’ll take any opportunity I can to spruce up an outfit, and these headphones are like adorable earring! Plus I’m hoping the opportunity to sport these on an elliptical will get my ass off the couch. (Especially when my mom starts sending her fall treats my way.)

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