Dogs Make Monday Better


It’s Monday. I am out of clean clothes, but I’m also out of quarters, meaning I’m wearing a bathing suit bottom for underwear. And it keeps giving me a wedgie. I ate a piece of cheese and applesauce for lunch because my fridge is empty. The weather has turned cold, the sky is gray and Speidi has a new book out. And I am 4 very long days away from the weekend.

Yeah, my day has been pretty damn sucky.

But then I found this video over at (yeah, it’s all part of the job, people) and it made everything better. No joke, I’ve watched this thing 11 times. It’s like a DQ Tagalong Blizzard for your soul. Only it’s free, doesn’t require you to leave the house, and won’t make you fat. And it’s got a dog.

Tell me this doesn’t make you melt.

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