Jimmy Choo for H&M: Our Favorite Picks

I think diffusion lines might be the best thing to ever happen to us college girls, after happy hour and delivery food, of course. We can only do so much drooling as we click through the Bloomingdale’s website until we need something tangible to hang in our closets. It is this online window shopping and my empty wallet that had me anxiously awaiting Jimmy Choo’s new line for H&M.

What could be better? The red carpet looks I have been ogling on my favorite celebs at a price that even I can afford. So I raced down there to see it, the entire time trying to contain the excitement that I may leave the store with a brand new outfit for Friday night’s party that will have everyone asking, “where’d you get that dress?” To which I could reply with five words I never thought I would be able to say, “Oh, it’s by Jimmy Choo.”

Apparently everyone else had this same idea because the crowd was ridiculous. I could barely make it past the doorway before hitting the traffic jam of women accosting the Jimmy Choo display. Eventually I fought my through and got my hands on the dress I’d been eying since this collection was leaked online. I was ecstatic, elated and ready to slip it right on and work the mall like a runway when I spotted the price tag. I felt my heart sink into my stomach. The dress cost over $200.  I started sifting through the rest of the collection (and fighting to keep those other crazy girls from tearing it all right out of my hands) and it was the same story.

As much as I tried to justify the items to myself, the sad truth is: the line is still way too expensive to fit comfortably in my budget between Ramen and Starbucks Lattes. So I left, a giant scrape up my arm and my head held low.

But while this line was more expensive than, say, any of the GO! International lines at Target, the pieces are beautiful and high quality, meaning they are worth the price. I couldn’t afford them, but if you can, there are definitely some pieces you should invest in. If you haven’t seen them yet (because you weren’t willing to battle the bitches for a slice of Jimmy heaven), here are a few of my favorite items from Jimmy Choo’s line for H&M.

And if you’re feeling generous, I love the shoes the best. Feel free to overnight them to me.

[Photos courtesy of FabSugar.com]

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