Are You Fugly? Ask Your iPhone!

Ever heard of Fibonacci’s Golden Ratio? Yeah, me either. But I feel like it’s maybe the one thing I would have appreciated learning about in math class. But that’s what the iPhone is for! There is a new app called “Fit or Fugly” that uses the Golden Ratio, which measures how symmetrical your face is, to tell you just how beautiful or hideous you actually are.

I can’t tell if this is something I really want to know, but I kind of think I do.

But not about myself, of course; my mom tells me I’m pretty/I may cry if my cell phone tells me I’m ugly.  But this app could come in handy in so many other instances. For example, my sister always boasts that she is the beauty of the family. Oh yeah, Kimberly? Fibonacci says differently. In your ugly face, lil’ sis!

Or maybe you’ve donned your not-so-trusty beer goggles for the night and you’re just about ready to take home that stunning piece of man-meat you’ve been eyeing up all night. The “Fit or Fugly” app may just save you from making the worst mistake of your college career. Without it, you might have been waking up next to Alf tomorrow morning. The iPhone saves the day again.

So instead of putting your picture up on “Hot or Not” and letting strangers judge your overall attractiveness, let technology and math give you the empirical evidence you need to know that you (or your unsuspecting victim) are beautiful…. or not.

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