Tarte And Commando Have You Covered

You already know how I feel about Tarte cosmetics and if you don’t I’ll tell you: I’m obsessed. Their products are high quality and eco-friendly; what more can you ask for?

Well, Tarte has teamed up with Commando underwear to get you covered (from top to [your] bottom) for the upcoming holiday season. They’re giving away up to $750 worth of goodness and all you have to do is enter. And with products like theirs, that is definitely something to be thankful for this season.

Tarte’s Lights, Camera, Lashes mascara is hands down the best mascara I’ve ever tried. Ever. And I’ve tried all of them. Every time a magazine boasted about their favorite mascara, I’d buy it. But they were all the same. I just figured mascara was mascara and started buying whatever was cheapest at Target. But Tarte taught me that there is a difference and not all mascaras are created equal. I honestly don’t know how they do it, but my eyes have never looked better or brighter. Seriously. It’s a miracle product.

Oh, and as long as we’re talking about the best products ever, let me just tell you about The Eraser, a legendary concealer. Not only does this stuff cover up the major black circles under my eyes (tested and approved on a particularly hungover morning), but it has a brush built in so you don’t have to run your greasy fingers across your freshly washed face. Gah! I just love it.

And you know what else I love? Going commando. (True story – I really don’t like panty lines…or doing laundry.) But after Britney and Paris started flashing their lady bits all over town I decided to give undies a try. And they failed me. I thought I was doomed to a life of not-so-stealthily picking wedgies… and then, like a gift from the heavens, I recieved a sample of Commando underwear. This stuff is ridiculous. It has zero seams, meaning it gives you the look of going commando without the fear of accidentally exposing yourself. Plus it comes in all different styles (bikini, thong, girl shorts) and designs (solids, animal print). It still adds to the laundry basket, but when you see how good your bootie looks in those girl shorts you won’t even care.

I seriously loaded up on this stuff (20 pairs to be exact) and am officially a member of the underwear-wearing community. Though you wouldn’t know by looking at me in a pair of leggings. These things are genius!

And you can get a whole slew of them and a ton of Tarte beauty products just by entering. So go! Enter! Win! Everyone gets 20% off their next Tarte or Commando purchase just for entering so, really – with a flawless face and no risk of showing everyone your goodies – we’re all winners.

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