Weekly Wrap Up: Thank You, World

Thanksgiving is less than a week away. That means you’ve got six days to hit the gym and eat healthfully in an attempt to make up for the massive amounts of fat, sugar and tryptophan about to hit your bloodstream. (Unless you’re currently single, in which case you’re probably mainlining cake frosting at this very moment.) I’m getting sleepy just thinking about it.

But even though the holiday isn’t here yet, your girls at CC have already found plenty of things to be thankful for. These include but are not limited to:

–       Realizing that we we’re perfectly happy without needing to look at copious pictures of dicks. Note: the link leads to a post, not to said dick pictures.

–       The Oxford English Dictionary finally validating our Facebook obsession.

–       The Swine Flu vaccine—or not.

–       Debunked diet rules. I always had an inkling that eating ice cream after 9 PM wouldn’t be any worse than eating it in the afternoon. Or in the morning. Or right now…

–       Wiser, more experienced girls who can teach us how to impress brothers and sisters at a Greek formal or what to do when sex stops being polite and starts getting real.

–       Embarrassing party photos, as long as they’re taken of somebody else

–       Our parents, even when they’re driving us absolutely insane. That goes double for our roommates.

–       Adorable professors who make waking up at the crack of dawn worth it.

–       Fierce school rivalries, for keeping college sports interesting.

–       And New Moon, I guess, if you’re into that.

Embrace Your Inner Manly Man
Embrace Your Inner Manly Man
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