The Perfect (and Stretchy) Outfits For Your Thanksgiving Dinner

Don't let your skinny jeans stop you from eating it all (twice) on Thanksgiving!

The two things I love most about fall are the food and the fashion, which means Thanksgiving is a major jackpot. I get to dress up all cute and stuff my face with turkey. It’s wonderful…for the first ten minutes. Then my stomach begins to protrude over my skintight mini and I start having a hard time breathing. Undoubtedly I end up taking an intermission, putting on my stretchy sweatpants, then heading back for seconds.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. It’s possible to look cute and eat until you’re curled up on the couch in a food coma. You just have to choose your outfit wisely. I’ve combed through this season’s hottest trends and built outfits that are holiday appropriate, both in how they look and how they stretch to fit the 5 lbs of stuffing you will inevitably inhale. And I’m sure enjoying Thanksgiving dinner without the need to unbutton your pants at the table is something we can all be thankful for this year.

Leggings are not only comfortable (hello, elastic waistband!), but they are easy to dress up for a holiday meal. Skip the jeans this year and pair some basic leggings with a super cute, super trendy long cardigan. The stretchy pants will give you room to pack in all the pumpkin pie your heart desires, and – bonus! – the sweater will give you just a little more coverage over that protruding belly.

H81 Ankle Knit Leggings, Forever21,$4.90
Andrea Sweater in cream, Abercrombie, $70
Pasio Flats, Steve Madde, $41.97

Stretchy Skirt:
I love a good skirt. But hitting right below your belly button, AKA where all the food is going to settle, makes them far from Thanksgiving friendly. That is unless we take a hint from all those beautiful pregnant women who are experts at this sort of stomach stretching and go for an elastic waistband. Luckily, there are some really cute skirt options that provide style and the stretchy waistband we need. Just tuck a simple white tank in, add some flair in accessories and you can look good and still go up for seconds…or thirds.

Lace satin skirt, Forvever21, $15.80
Bridgette Mesh tank, Guess, $24.50
Crystal patch headband, Express, $19.50

The Dress:
Us girls will take any chance we can get to wear a dress, and Thanksgiving is no different. But save those tight mini’s and zip up dresses for when you get back to school. Going for an empire waistline will let you stay classy and appear slim no matter how full your belly gets. Pair with with some pumps or, even better for all those runs up to the buffet, a pair of flat boots.

Embellished flutter sleeve dress, Express, $49.50
Jessica Simpson Women’s Barg Knee-High Flat Boot,, $138.95
80 Den Cherry Red Tights, Topshop, $12.00

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