Do It Yourself Tuesdays: Wine Glass Rings

Let’s be honest: we college girls do most of our drinking out of red plastic cups. It might get the job done (and it’s usually free), but it’s far from classy. And sometimes we all need to be a little classy.

If you’re looking to add some class to your weekly routine, consider having the girls over for some wine and cheese. And add a little something special with these adorable, unique and classy wine glass rings!

While they aren’t a necessary addition to a wine glass (because wine is the only necessary addition, am I right?), I really love the extra fun these rings bring to the table. They are super classy and elegant, and they definitely look as if you bought them at Pier 1.

Plus, you can put them on anything. Since I don’t drink, I hang mine on the handles of my coffee mugs, but you can also clip them to kitchen-cabinet handles, keychains . . . the list goes on.

Each ring takes about five minutes to make, and it will only cost you about $5 in supplies to make a bundle of ‘em.

Here’s What You Need:

• Thick jewelry wire
• Thin craft wire
• Pliers (to bend the thick wire)
• Collection of small, colorful beads
• Some bigger, prettier glass beads

Here’s What You Do:

• First, use the clipper on the pliers to cut off about 3” of the thick wire.

• Use the end of the pliers to bend one end of the piece into a tiny loop to keep the beads from sliding off.

• Start putting the beads on, forming a pattern or just loading on one solid color, filling the wire half way.

• Now it’s time to get a little flashy. Cut off about 2” of the thin craft wire, string it through a big decorative glass bead, swirl a small loop at one end (you’ll use that to thread onto the thick wire), and then go crazy  swirling the rest of the thin wire around the bead to make it pretty. It can be loopy, zigzaggy – whatever you like.

• When you’re done with that, use the loop you made on the thin wire to thread the glass bead onto the thick wire.

• Finish it off by filling the rest of the wire with beads, then bend the end of the thick wire forward to fasten through the first loop you made, and twist the whole thing into a circle shape.

• Clip it onto your wine glass stem, and you’re ready to roll. Bust out that chardonnay!

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