Shop Black Friday in Your PJ’s

Now there is really no reason to get out of bed on Black Friday.

Part of me gets butterflies just thinking about racks and racks of discounted clothing. I’ve been dreaming of Black Friday since I woke up over the toilet in a Tinker Bell costume on November 1st; the cheap designer handbags, the plasma TVs, the stops at Cinnabon and Auntie Anne’s to refuel, the high of leaving the mall with all of my Christmas gifts and some money left in my bank account. There is just something about being in a mall on Black Friday that cannot be replicated.

Then reality sets in and I realize that while in a perfect world I would be skipping through sales racks, after finishing these freakin’ essays, traveling home and stuffing my face for an entire day, my (Queen-size!) bed is going to be much more appealing than lines at 4 am in the freezing cold. And don’t even get me started on those slow-walking old ladies that always get in my way.

That being said, I will remain in my pajamas and snag the deals I can from the comfort of my warm home as my mother serves me delicious leftovers. For those of you who will be joining me in cyberspace, here are the websites to put at the top of your bookmarks list to ensure you get deals just as good as those over-caffeinated, line waiters pummeling their way through mall crowds. Internet, I love you. You can get the door buster specials that people will be waiting in line at 3 am for a day early if you shop online. If you are in need for an electronic item is a must visit on Thanksgiving Day. They have digital cameras for $49.99, GPS systems for $99, and plasma TVs discounted 1,000 bucks, in addition to a ton of DVDs and video games for any brother, boyfriend or guy you need to purchase a Christmas gift for. Anything you could possibly want is being sold on Amazon, and they are doing an awesome Black Friday sale this year (which has already started, by the way) where they search all the Black Friday deals other stores are giving and meet or beat those prices. A ton of jewelry is 40% off (with free shipping), you can get 50% off power tools for dad, and pick up some toys for little cousins or family friends. All the products have a limited quantity so if you see something you want add it to your bag before someone else snatches it up. But if you miss it, don’t worry; Amazon is adding new merchandise every day Thanksgiving week. And they have a fun little feature called “lightening deals,” where for a limited time a certain product will go on severe discount, so get your clicking reflexes ready. Aren’t sales so fun? Black Friday deals begin online at 12 am Friday, which means after you stuff your face on Thanksgiving, down some coffee (or Vodka…God knows we’ll need it with a house full of great aunts and grandparents) and get ready to shop until the wee hours of the morning. What’s cool about Kohl’s is that you can plan your shopping list now. They have all of their deals available to view online and you can add what you want to your wish list so when the sale starts you can simply click purchase. A TON of stuff is half off, from makeup and shoes to furniture and kitchenware. This sale is definitely a must visit! If you are looking for a New Years Eve outfit, a new winter coat or a classy outfit to dress your boyfriend in (those worn out jeans aren’t going to cut it when you bring him home for Christmas dinner with your family), then Express should be on the top of your favorites list. The deals are ridiculous and they are going on all week long. Leggings and tights are buy one get one half off, dresses are 30% off, and a large number of party tops are only $19.50. Polo’s and button downs for that special guy in you’re life (mine is totally my dad, don’t judge) are also buy one get one half off. Hands down the department store with the best online savings. Virtually everything you could possibly want is discounted (25% off dresses, 20% to 50% off fall coats and 25% to 40% off handbags…you get the picture). Then using coupon code “BIG” gets you an additional 15% off regular priced items and $20 off clearance. If you are in search of an designer clothing, shoes, handbags or makeup, is the best place to search out the best deals (deals are available now until Saturday).

What other websites are you cyber-shoppers planning on visiting on Black Friday? Share the wealth and let us all know!

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Are You Prepared For Thanksgiving Break?
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