College, I Thank Thee

I just registered for my spring classes, and come 2010, it looks like I’m not going to have any lectures or seminars on Wednesdays, Thursdays, or Fridays.

Kick. Ass.

This awesome occurrence—and the general mood of November—got me thinking about how many things about college I have to be thankful for. I don’t want to sound too clichéd or sappy, but the past three and a half years have definitely been the best of my life; I can’t believe it’s all going to be over in May. College, that is, not my life.

So, in the spirit of nostalgia and Turkey Day, here’s my top ten list of things I have to be thankful for—the college edition. In the midst of papers, presentations and premature post-grad panic, it’s nice to remember that there’s a ton of things I love about being in school. Such as:

10. The fact that I haven’t had to take math since 2006. I barely remember how to do long division, but I think I’m happier all the same.

9. Living in a suite, but one with a bathroom that’s cleaned for us.

8. Free access to a fancy gym, even if I don’t exactly take advantage of it as often as I should.

7. Plenty of opportunities to get free food, which I do take advantage of as often as possible.

6. Distribution requirements. I was not at all into them at first, but now I think it’s pretty cool that I actually know something about art history and climate change because of classes I was required to take.

5. A loooong winter break that keeps us out of school for most of January.

4. Big lecture halls that make it easy to hide the fact that you’re reading blogs and gchatting instead of taking notes on your laptop.

3. Parties that are actually fun instead of the Natty Ice-soaked, awkward blowouts that were de rigueur in high school.

2. An amazing, enormous library that rivals the one Beast gave to Belle.

1. Living and studying in a place where everyone is as much of a dork as I am.

What about college are you thankful for?

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