The Weekly Wrap Up: Tis the Season… Already

Thanksgiving has been over for less than 24 hours, which means that the world is already in full-fledged holiday season mode. The advent of The Season brings with it all kinds of things, some positive and some negative: major deals and awkward run-ins with high school friends, feelings of gratitude and feelings of Grinchiness, holiday nookie and ever-increasing swine flu paranoia, and so on.

It does suck that we’ve got to start thinking about time management so that we don’t totally bomb finals, even though there are a ton of more important global issues on our minds right now, such as “Is Prince William suddenly fugly?” and “How good is Taylor Swift, really?” And then there’s that new “desire drug,” something I certainly wouldn’t want to find in my stocking (…if I had a stocking).

In the midst of all this turmoil, maybe it’d be best just to focus on the positive side of The Season. Gift giving and getting, pumpkin pie, red Starbucks cups—whenever you start to get overwhelmed with everything that comes along with late November and December, try to take a deep breath and remember what’s great about the holidays. Or, you know, make a list of all the things you hate, if you think it’ll make you feel better.

WTF Friday: Wanna Play Doctor?
WTF Friday: Wanna Play Doctor?
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