Get Some Fast Cash In Your Wallet This Holiday Season

College students are strapped for cash on a normal, average day of the year. Which means we are doubly strapped for cash when the need to buy Christmas and Chanukah gifts arises. Winter activities like ice skating and hot chocolate (or just our usual shopping/handles-of-vodka ways) are sucking up our funds and now we need to buy 30 gifts for every member of our sorority…it’s not pretty.

But what some of you may not realize is that instead of working overtime 3 weeks straight to save up enough to get your parents, your boyfriends and all your bff’s something nice, you could just sell your old stuff that you never use and make enough to do all your holiday shopping and maybe pick up a pair of those awesome boots you’ve been eying in the Macy’s catalog…

Sell Your Clothes
We all have those sweaters that we leave in the box in the basement marked “winter,” swearing year after year that we’ll wear it next time the season rolls around. I know it’s hard to get rid of clothing (especially seeing how everything comes back in style in, like, 2 years), but if you haven’t worn it in the past year, it needs to go. And there are plenty of people willing to buy it from you. Google local consignment shops and bring in all your stuff. They won’t take everything, but if you have clothes that look like new with a recognizable label, your chances are pretty good. And earning 20 bucks a pair for that stack of jeans that you’ve been trying to fit back into since senior year of high school really adds up.

Sell Your Books
Instead of selling your books back to the bookstore and walking away with pocket change, put them on Amazon. You’ll make back at least 50% of what you paid for them and you can get rid of them all (unlike the bookstore where you lug all 10 textbooks to that joint and they tell you only 2 of them are eligible to be sold back). Plus, Amazon only charges you when your book sells, so if it doesn’t, it’s no change out of your wallet. And since everyone has registered for their next semester classes, the overachievers among us will already be online looking to secure all their books before winter break.

Sell Your Gold
We’ve all seen the commercials with some creepy dude begging us to put our “unwanted gold” in an envelope and send it away to some stranger. Yeah, it seems like a total scam but that ish is legit. The price of gold has gone up, so now is the best time to gather up those ugly bracelets you got for your Bat Mitzvah, Sweet 16, or you just “borrowed” from your mom in high school and never returned and sell them! If you don’t trust the mail-away places, there are plenty of local jewelry stores that will buy your gold back. I sold 2 old bracelets (that were way ugly and just took up space in my jewelry box) and walked away with $300! That’s enough for a bunch of gifts and a little somethin’ for myself!

Sell Your Miscellaneous Crap
Ebay and Craigslist are the best things to ever happen to a hoarder. I have 200 beanie babies, 30 of those pointless glass figurines, and dozens of collector’s edition Barbies still in the boxes. Let’s be honest: our kids aren’t going to want our old beanie babies someday when they can get a Webkins complete with an online profile (and, despite how much we hoped they would accumulate worth over the past 10 years, Beanies are no collector’s item). It’s time to log on and sell those suckers.

Making a seller profile on Ebay is super easy and cheap (postings cost less than dollar) and listing on CL is even easier! Those old speakers you never use, the plastic storage bins your mom had delivered for your dorm room, jewelry that’s been sitting in a bin on your desk…. you might think no one will want your old crap, but you’d be surprised. Your trash is someone else’s treasure; someone who is up late on a Wednesday night surfing Craigslist for the exact limited edition Garcia Bear you’re hawking. Get that stuff listed and you’ll have extra money in your wallet….FAST.

Do you guys have any other suggestions for ways to make some fast cash?

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