10 Questions for Taylor Momsen

I don’t know about you, but if I were Taylor Momsen and I was about to appear on TV (yes, even It’s On With Alexa Chung), I’d probably change out of my one-night-stand’s military button-down before I went on air. That is, if it were appropriate for my 16-year-old self to be putting out in the first place.

But not dear Taylor. Our favorite-turned-most-annoying Gossip Girl star showed up to the MTV studios looking like this. Naturally, I have many questions for this good-girl-gone-whore:

1. Did you honestly wake up, get dressed, look in the mirror and say “Yes. This looks good.”
2. How did you justify this look: It’s OK if your shirt doesn’t cover your vagina since your sunglasses/hair cover half of your face?
3. If Miley can’t dance on a stripper pole, do you think you can walk around Manhattan looking like you just had wild sex?  The walk of shame does not become you, Taylor.
4. What do you have against pants?
5. From where does your fashion inspiration come? Ashley Olsen-meets-Lady Gaga?
6. Good call covering your nips with that fur collar. It gets cold strutting around NY in the fall half naked. (Yeah, that was a statement and not a question, but that really was a good idea on her part.)
7. What look were you going for with this? Homeless girl sells pants in order to purchase a Starbucks coffee to warm her half-dressed body?
8. How much do you charge for a quickie?
9. Uh, aren’t you in middle school?
10. Seriously?

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