Looking for the Perfect Gifts? We Got You Covered

Can you believe that Christmas is only 24 days away? And Hanukkah’s comin’ at ya in only 10? I know what you’re thinking: Yes! PRESENTS!!

Oh wait. That’s not it. I mean, it is, but the big holidays also mean a whole lot of gift giving (it is better to give than to receive, after all…) and that can get quite stressful. Not only do you have to find the cash to fund all this giving, but you gotta figure out what to get everyone on your list.

Well, let CollegeCandy help you out. We can’t supply you with the moolah (we’ve got some ideas where you can get it, though!), but we can supply you with unique, adorable and perfect gifts so you don’t end up getting everyone on your list iTunes gift cards. Again.

From the tree hugger to the fashionista, we’ve got you covered.  For the next two weeks we’ll be hooking you up with some solid gift ideas that will make everyone on your gift list jumping for joy.

Consider it our gift to you.
Yeah, we’re all about the giving.
If you wanna get us back, though, we’re really lovin’ these TFLN t-shirts.

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Life After College: Movin’ Up The Ladder!
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