Holiday Gifts for The Health Freak

Don't know what to get this girl? We'll help you out!

We all have that friend. You know the one who’s all “thanks but no thanks on the holiday cookies – I’m totally cool eating this yummy air.” The one with so much self-discipline she woke up the morning after Halloween, threw her slutty bumble bee costume aside and went for a 7 mile run. The one who is always telling you about the latest workout she is into, health book she is reading or cleanse she is trying.  And, of course, the one who makes you think, “I wish I could be a bit more like her,” as you delve into your giant cookie while watching this week’s episode of the Real Housewives for the FOURTH time.

Yes, we all have that friend and while sometimes you wish you could just give her a big box of cookies for the holidays, there are just a few things she’d appreciate a whole lot more. But what can you get her that will make her happy without packing on the pounds? Try a few of these on for size:

A Blueprint Cleanse: This 1-5 day cleanse comes in 3 different levels so it’s great for the friend who always talks about wanting to try one or the health freak who cleanses 3 times a year. I tried this and LOVED how it made me feel. A great gift to give to your health-freak friends who would totally love the idea of a post holiday cleanse. (It’s not cheap, so consider getting a group of friends together for this one.)

Master Your Metabolism: From our pal Jillian Michaels of the Biggest Loser, this book breaks down what we are doing wrong and how to fix it so we can stay fit, healthy and feeling great. Jillian knows it all so even health freaks can learn something new from this jam-packed book of information.

Daily Food Diary: This unique little black book will help her keep track of all the grabs here, handfuls there and healthy meals so she can stay on track with that healthy eating.

Thumbhole half-zip hoodie: She’s gonna need something warm to wear post-workout or on that 3-mile run. This adorable hoodie will keep her hands warm but fingers accessible (for finding more Miley on her iPod). And it’s just plain cute. She could wear it anywhere.

Exhale Core Fusion DVDs: Core Fusion is my most favorite workout ever. I don’t know how it works, but my butt burns for days (yes, DAYS) after. The classes get pretty pricey, but now everyone can do it from the comfort of their own dorm room. Awesome. You can get the total pack, but if that’s out of your price rage you can get each DVD for $15 a pop. (And if you’re only getting one, I’d go with body sculpt.)

Fitted Low-rise Yoga Pant: Everyone needs a pair of yoga pants. This particular pair is adorable at an even more adorable price.

Nike Weighted Jump Rope: The best way to get a cardio workout in without having to walk to the gym when its -20 degrees (I’m talking to you, University of Wisconsin).

Nike Running Arm Wallet/Phone Case:  The perfect arm accessory (armcessory?) for any girl who is addicted to both running and her Blackberry.

Yoga mat bag and gym bag: Whether she’s into yoga or the gym these two bags are ADORABLE and fuctional. And let’s be real:  I’ve never met a girl who doesn’t love Lululemon!

Lululemon Slipless Headband: It’s The best workout head band EVER.

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