The Rival Rundown: Oregon State vs Oregon

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Pac-10 fans will rejoice as we detail this storied rivalry from The Beaver State. Oregonians are well-versed in what they call The Civil War between Oregon State University and the University of Oregon. If our analysis still leaves you skeptical, you can catch the 2009 matchup between these schools tomorrow night, as the Ducks and the Beavers duke it out for a Pac-10 title and a berth to the Rose Bowl!

Quick Facts
Oregon State: Public research university with nearly 17,000 undergraduates in Corvallis, Oregon. Mascot is the Beaver.
University of Oregon: Public research university with nearly 18,000 undergraduates in Eugene, Oregon. Mascot is the Duck.

1. Civil War Record

Oregon State: 46-56-10
University of Oregon: 56-46-10

Three credits to: University of Oregon, by the numbers.

2. Memorable Moments

Oregon State: In 1998, the Civil War game was nearing the end of its first-ever overtime with the Beavers winning. After a last minute pass-interference call was made against the Beavers, the Ducks scored forcing a second overtime. Oregon State pulled off the victory in the end of an epic nail-biter!
University of Oregon: Oregon comes back from a 13-0 score deficit and an injured offense to charge to victory in 1994, earning the Ducks a Rose Bowl berth against Penn State.

Three credits to: Oregon State, with a victory in arguably the best contest between these two teams

3. Fun Facts

Oregon State: One of only two universities in the nation to hold the titles of Land-, Sea-, Sun-, and Space-Grant research institution. Interested in taking over the universe? Oregon State is the place to be!
University of Oregon: If you consider yourself a child at heart, come to UO. Their mascot is actually Donald Duck, BFF of Mickey Mouse, with the blessing of Walt Disney himself.

Three credits to: University of Oregon, since you won’t be spotting any Disney-character mascots elsewhere!

4. Ass-Kicking Alumni

Oregon State: Chad OchoCinco, Linus Pauling, George Oppen (Pulitzer Prize-winning poet)
University of Oregon: Steve Prefontaine, Bill Bowerman (founder of Nike), Ann Curry

Three credits to: University of Oregon, which boasts two of the all-time greatest legends in running (and sports) history.

5. Acceptance Rate Agony

Oregon State: 84.1%
University of Oregon: 85.3%

Three credits to:  Oregon State squeaks by!

And the diploma goes to: University of Oregon! With Walt Disney, Nike, and a winning record on their side, the Ducks cruise to victory in this Civil War. Then again, tune in tomorrow night to watch the Beavers make their case!

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