Coupled. Cozy Up When It Gets Cold.

Ok, so maybe it doesn’t snow here in Texas, but it’s finally gotten to the point where I have to turn the heater on in my apartment! And while I’m really not a fan of snotsicles, I am a huge fan of staying indoors in the winter-time and cuddling up with the boyfriend.

There are so many fun couple-activities to do when the cold sets in, besides the obvious sexy time. I mean, that’s always fun but who wants to get naked when its ch-ch-chilly out?

Here are some other great ideas to stay warm with your sweetie.

1. Make hot chocolate together – I’m not talking about the “microwave the water then empty a packet into the mug” hot chocolate. Spend some time together in the kitchen and make true homemade hot chocolate. It’s a great way to bond and you’ll have a delicious treat when you’re done! Or if you’re not into hot drinks, bake some Christmas cookies or something. Pretty much anything that uses the oven/stove will work to get nice and warm.

2. Pick a Fight – There’s nothing wrong with a little play fighting every now and then, especially because it will warm you up… and it involves a lot of touching. For those of you who DO want sexy time in the middle of winter, you can spice things up by initiating a little couch-to-bed wrestling match.

3. Pick a Snow Fight – Sometimes the snow outside really is tempting. Especially when it only snows once a year here at my campus. So get bundled up and go play in the snow! There’s nothing like a snowball to your boyfriend’s head to help you work out some of that angst leftover from when he ditched you for the boys last week. Plus, there’s nothing better than that hot bath/shower together once you get back inside.

4. Have a Marathon: Keeping up with all of the good shows on TV during the semester is impossible, and unlike “The Hills” or “Cougar Town,” there are a lot of sitcoms that both you and you guy can enjoy together. Get the seasons on DVD, pop some popcorn or make some hot chocolate and curl up on the couch all day. “It’s always Sunny in Philadelphia” and “Arrested Development” are hilarious to both girls and guys (which isn’t an easy feat) and will keep you entertained for hours. Or get into a drama series that you’ve never watched before like “Lost” or “House” by starting from the beginning and catching up on what you’ve missed.

5. Dine-in: So it’s freezing cold outside and neither of you feel like bundling up in 8 layers and braving the wind-chill to get to the restaurant. Plan a menu (CollegeCandy has plenty of recipes!) that you can make at home and cook it together (or if your cupboards are bare like mine, order in from your favorite restaurant), then light some candles and have a private, romantic dinner for two. What makes dinner at home even cozier? Spread out a blanket and some pillows on the floor and have an indoor picnic.

The best part of all these ideas (well, most…): they keep your legs covered, because, let’s be honest, no one wants to shave in the winter.

Now go get cuddling!

Got any other winter date ideas

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Sexy Time: Monogamy Schmonogamy
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