It’s On: Heritage 1981 vs. Urban Outfitters

When you think Vintage Fashion, what comes to mind? Soft v-neck tees, your favorite jeans, flashy mini-skirts, and something that sparkles, all with a retro feel?

The thought makes you drool, doesn’t it?

Everyone loves vintage fashion. Those unique items are like the one-of-a-kind antiques of fashion, and with trends circulating as they do, it makes sense to covet the old and fabulous. But short of raiding grandma’s closet or spending hundreds at some small over-priced vintage boutique, where can you load up on the retro?

Allow me to recommend a few good places. Their goods may not be on-of-a-kind, but they are certainly a retro and cool kind all their own.

Urban Outfitters
Since 1970, Urban Outfitters has been the leader in “vintage” apparel. Selling everything from hats to wall hangings, UO is what some consider to be one of the most successful retail chains in the world. And let’s not forget that Richard Hayne, President of Urban Outfitters (and Free People, for those of you that shop there as well), made Forbes 400 list in 2008. So, yeah, it’s safe to say the UO is profitable, not to mention personable and attentive to their customers.

What can you expect to find in UO Stores? Well, in their over 140 locations, you’ll find unique clothes in a very similar setting. Urban Outfitters aims to keep its stores very simplistic and edgy. They’re made to feel earthy, like warehouses, with not too much frilly, goo-goo crap. They leave the focus where the focus should be: on the goods.

Here are the numbers.
Dresses: $ 38.00 – $398.00
Camisoles: $24.00 – $32.00
Jeans: $54.00 – $68.00
Cardigans/Sweaters: $42.00 – $98.00
Shirts: $48.00 – $58.00
Graphic Tees: $15.00 – $48.00
$12.00 – $48.00

Then there’s Heritage 1981.
While there’s not much history of the individual store, what we do know is that the company is a product of the Forever 21 giant, which owns and operates over 50 stores across the country. And with a HUGE consumer base, they can expect to keep expanding.

With the introduction of Heritage 1981 (no, it was not created in 1981, contrary to the misleading name), the Forever 21 corporation was able to attract a whole new market.  Featuring cute tops, tight dresses and sexy shoes, Heritage definitely has the goods. So while not as popular as Urban Outfitters, nor as wealthy, Heritage brings strong competition with vintage, retro, colorful and, well, you tell me what you think of the prices.

Here are their numbers.
Dresses: $22.90-$29.90
Camisoles: $5.90 – $16.90
Jeans: $19.90 – $26.90
Cardigans/Sweaters: $24.90 – $39.90
Shirts: $18.90 – $24.90
Graphic Tees: $10.90 – $18.90
Accessories: $3.80 – $22.80

If you’ve been shopping exclusively at Urban and haven’t yet checked out Heritage, I recommend you do. You might just find the same super soft cotton tees and fun fedoras at a more wallet-friendly price. And if there isn’t a Heritage 1981 or an Urban Outfitters nearby, they both have online stores chock full of their cuteness (and they also happen to look almost identical… weird.)

So tell me, ladies: which store do you prefer and why?

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