The Budget Stylista: 10…9…8… (Dresses For a) HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Need a dress to go with that headband?

We all know that NYE is the most over-hyped, overpriced, overdressed night of the year. While we are stressed figuring out what slutty halloween costume to wear, we also have to stress over where to go 2 months later. I swear every year two things happen: Christmas music and New Year’s Eve plans come earlier and earlier. And frankly I’m not a fan of either. My drunkcapades are exciting enough without having to pay upwards of $100 to go to a crowded club just to dance to Lady Gaga. I do that in my underwear for free in my apartment…

What I do love, however, is the excuse to wear a fun party dress. It almost makes the expensive price tag of the night worth it. And this year, there are so many great options. Lace, sequins, low cut, conservative-yet-sexy, bright colors, flapper inspired, the list goes on. And the best part is that it’s easier than Heidi Montag to find it for under $100. There are even some killer options for under $50.

So throw back some shots and put on some tights apparel because, hate this overpriced night or love it, you know you will look damn good when those pics are posted on Facebook come January 1.

All you need to do is find the style that screams “that’s SO me” click, purchase and rock that bad boy! Here are just a few of my absolute faves.

Are You Ready for the MTVu Woodies?
Are You Ready for the MTVu Woodies?
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