Your Finals Survival Guide: Five Tools To Make it Through

Looks like someone could use some low fat cheese snacks.

Ah, Finals. How I love you. You fall during the greatest time of year and have me reading textbooks instead of drinking Gingerbread lattes and enjoying the holiday sales. You leave dark circles under my eyes and extra inches around my waistline.

Basically, you suck.
Big time.

But, I’m not going to let you conquer my spirit and beat me down to a mumbling, dribbling fool this year. You may not be easy like my Freshman year roommate; I may always scream for joy as I darken the last circle on my last Scantron form, triumphantly dumping my notes in the garbage. But with enough determination I, and the many other good looking and smart students like me, can emerge from the semester with my sanity intact.

How, you ask?
What, are you mocking me?
Don’t look at me like that, Finals. I’ll f**k you up!

OK, here’s how. With a little help from these friends.
How you like them apples, FINALS?!

1. Classical Playlist:
So, most of us don’t have a bunch of classical music mixed in with our usual Gaga/Flo Rida jams on our iTunes. But that is exactly what you need for optimal studying. Studies show that classical music is connected to improvement in some mental tasks. And studying for exams is definitely a mental task. Ot marathon. But you don’t need to spend all your bar money for some boring classical music; just plug in those ear buds, hop on over to Pandora and create a “Mozart” channel. Listen to that (instead of the ever distracting, Britney) while you run through flashcards and you’ll be relaxed, focused and a whole lot more prepared.

2. 24-hour establishments:
If we’re going to be up all night, we need resources. If we run out of paper halfway through printing our essay, get hungry at 4 am, or need a beverage to refuel, we’ll need to know ahead of time where we can go in the wee hours of the morning and get a pint of ice cream what we need. Well, if you live in any of the major cities (NYC, Chicago, Seattle, LA, San Fran., PHX, Austin, DC and Miami) the legwork has been done for you. This website will tell you anything and everything that is open 24 hours so you don’t have to waste precious time driving/Subwaying/walking around looking for “some place that serves bread sticks in this effing town.”

3. Leggings:
Asking us to put on real clothes during finals is just not a plausible request. Chances are after being up all night studying or writing papers we will wake up in just enough time to roll out of bed and sprint to class. To make it easier on ourselves, everyone should invest in a pair of leggings (I’m obsessed with these). Yeah, I never thought I’d say that either, but they truly are the perfect finals attire; they are comfortable to study/sleep in during that all-nighter, but still socially acceptable (with a long top, at least) to wear in public. Done and done.

4. The right source of caffeine:
As much as I love coffee and Red bull, that’s not going to cut it when it comes to finals. In about a week or so we will all be running on empty, with 2 hours of sleep under our belts. To combat this sort of sleep deficiency, we need tea. Namely Cinnamon Apple Spice and Vanilla Almond tea. It’s much healthier than for you than Starbucks, it’s still got the caffeine we need and these fun flavors don’t taste like icky booty like some of those unflavored teas do.

5. Brain Foods:
There’s something about finals that just triggers our body to crave the most fattening foods we can get our hands on. Resist this urge! Not only will this leave your notebook greasy and smelling like french fries (wait…maybe that’s not such a bad thing), these foods make you sluggish and slow your brain down. Instead we need to have healthy snacks on hand that will keep us energized and focused. Some of the best study foods are grapes, nuts, yogurt, granola, popcorn, low fat cheese, whole wheat breads or crackers and cottage cheese. Luckily, all things you can – er – borrow from the cafeteria next time you’re dining.

What other tips do you guys have for making it through finals?

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