Students Sabotage Safe Sex

You’re thinking this weekend you will most likely score big. You’ve been playing footsie with your desired hookup during class and you’ve been invincible pong partners now for a good month. Of course you want to do it smart, so you head over to the student union, grab some free condoms and store them in your desk drawer in case the opportunity to use them arises. And if indeed it does (yay for you), you’ll be completely safe. No worries, right?

Well if you’re a student at Cambridge University that would be a big, fat bun in the oven no.

Recently students were issued a warning after a junior found tiny pinpricks in condoms supplied by the student union. Yes, tiny pinpricks that are more than big enough to allow a couple hundred sperm to go shimmying up your vaginal canal and send you on a 9-month track to motherhood. The exact thing you were trying to avoid in stocking up on those little rubbers in the first place.

So the logical question is, how did this happen?
Already, some are blaming the university’s religious groups for sabotaging the condoms. And that ish is just crazy.

We get it – religious groups are against sex before marriage, but is endangering the lives of fellow students the best way to get your voice heard? And it doesn’t even make sense; if students across campus suddenly discovered they were pregnant, wouldn’t this potentially just lead to more women looking to terminate their pregnancies? Damaging condoms is punishing girls (and guys) who know they aren’t ready for parenthood and are taking the necessary precautions. Whether or not you agree with their personal choices, there are far less disturbing ways to protest.

Regardless of your stance – pro-choice or pro-life, devoutly religious or engaging in premarital sex – I think we all can agree that this is not the way to go about voicing your opinions. You may believe strongly in God, but you are not God. This is not your call to make. And I’m pretty sure harming your fellow man is not something he’ll be commending you for.

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