Lady Gaga Ho, Ho, Hos It Up for Christmas

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Nothing says holiday spirit like talking about Lady GaGa’s “Christmas tree,” which, FYI, is delicious.

Leave it to Lady to take the phrase “Ho, ho, ho” literally. I’ve never heard so many Christmas-themed sexual innuendos in one place as I have in her new holiday song featuring Space Cowboy. In fact, I didn’t even realize so many existed. I’ll never be able to look at a Christmas Tree the same again. Not that I’m surprised; I’m just impressed GaGa beat Britney and Lil Jon to it.

Thanks to this new jam, I’ll never be able to kiss under the misteltoe again without picturing Lady Gaga stripping off her unitard and showing off her tree in honor of the birth of the baby Jesus. Oh, the thought alone just gives me the shivers.

(Note: I realize there is nothing to see in this video. And you should be glad. After the hot mess that was Bad Romance, lord only knows what The Gags would do for this one…)

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