Jersey Shore: Bad for Guidos?


MTV is really getting their ass handed to them after the controversial premiere of the new reality series “Jersey Shore.” Not only has Dominos pulled out as an advertiser for the show, but MTV has also apparently received death threats from unhappy viewers.


Italian-Americans have their leopard panties in a twist because this show is giving their heritage a bad name. But since when do eight guidos represent an entire culture? Their hair gelling, giant poofing, fake boobing ways may be an embarrassment to themselves and their families, but has that ever stopped the rest of us from rubbernecking a train wreck such as this? I mean, isn’t that was every MTV show is about?

As a (seasonal) Jersey shore native, I couldn’t be more thrilled with the show. My house is less than 20 minutes away from Seaside Heights, and, to be honest, it’s a pretty good portrayal of the people you’ll see walking on the boardwalk. And while I don’t classify myself as a guidette, I still get my kicks from being super tan and having a perpetual French manicure. So is going to get death threats now?

Honestly, I bet the people threatening MTV to shut “Jersey Shore” down are the people who secretly love it the most and are frightened by their unnatural attraction to the trashy paradise that is the Shore (and Jager Bombs). How many of us over-quoted lines from  “My New Haircut” when that hit the web? Let’s just look at this as another opportunity to channel our inner guido.

People take themselves too seriously. Let these self-proclaimed guidos and guidettes do what they do best – tan, work out and booze – in peace. We’re all having a good laugh watching them do it. And THAT is The Situation.

What do you think? Is this show bad news or really good TV?

Campus Couture: Bright, Bold, Bootylicious, Amalia
Campus Couture: Bright, Bold, Bootylicious, Amalia
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