It’s On: Aldo Accessories vs. Forever 21 vs. Icing

It’s the holidays – a time for family, good food and, most of all, great parties. But what is all of this without a great outfit? And I mean, sure – the sexy dress, the hot boots, the plush sweater, the perfect jeans; they all make a lasting impression, but it’s nothing if you don’t have the right accessories. Earrings, necklaces, bracelets, hats, rings and even belts all make an outfit pop. And so, in honor of what I think could possibly be the most important component of an outfit, I give you:

It’s On: The Accessories Edition.

And yes, it’s a triple play!

First up, Aldo Accessories.
As if ALDO weren’t great on its own, some genius decided that there should be a store that was strictly for all their cutesy little accessories. And so, ADLO Accessories was born.

They’re located in just about all major malls, including The Galleria in Houston, The Water Tower in Chicago and The Fashion Show in Vegas (I’ve been to all three).  And that’s not all. There are also tons of stand-alone stores that attract newbies to the ALDO family of goods.  And there are LOTS of goods. They sell everything from shades to chandelier earrings and some awesomely cute necklaces in between.

Here are the numbers.
(Beanies, Berets, Headbands): $9.90-$25.00
Totes, Purses, Clutches: This stuff is all actually in ALDO Stores, not the Accessory store, however prices range from $30 to about $150.
Shades: $12
Jewelry: $9.90- $35.00
Leggings, Belts: $9.98- $25.00

And then there’s Icing.
What’s not to love about this place? First of all, it’s everywhere! Plus, the company has been around for years and, though there have been tons of newcomers to the game, they still manage to put out some hot stuff.

Now, I know what some of you are thinking: “Why the hell is Claire’s being mentioned on CollegeCandy?” or “I haven’t been in there since 9th grade.” Well, shame on you! I bet you haven’t even walked in there. While Claire’s-Icing may not be comparable to KAY Jewelers, they sell some of the most adorable costume jewelry you’ve ever seen, not to mention little clutches and headbands. I don’t think this is the place to go when you’re looking for an engagement ring, but I’m totally for Claire’s when it comes to cheap, plastic, adorable accessories.

Headgear (Beanies, Berets, Headbands): $5.00-$24.00
Totes, Purses, Clutches:$8.00- $30.00
Shades: Not Available, check individual stores
Jewelry: $4.50-$22.50
Leggings, Belts: Not Available, check individual stores

Note: We all know that Icing is the grown-up version of Claire’s, but sometimes you can find steals in Claire’s, too. Prices are based on both stores. Seriously, pop into Claire’s next time you’re at the mall. I bet you’ll find something awesome….

Forever 21
Well, they’re back. Last week, I introduced some of you to the wonderful world of Heritage 1981. This week, I would like to welcome you to the wonderful world of Forever 21 Accessories (well, the few of you who’s arms aren’t already covered in their stackable bracelets).

Now I know there are some of you who are avid Anti-21 Shoppers; I’m one of them. As a matter of fact, I have never purchased anything from the store. That is, except for some accessories I purchased online. If you’re not into the low quality or odd sizing of Forever 21’s clothes, I get it. But I strongly urge you to think about them the next time you need you a cute pair of earrings or a killer cocktail ring

There are tons of cute, shiny, beaded, mesh dainty things in there. You may have to search through a few piles and un-knot a few clumps of necklaces to find them, but when you do, they’ll be the shining stars atop your adorable holiday (or any day) outfit. And the best part: the prices are simply stunning.

So what are the numbers?
(Beanies, Berets, Headbands): $1.50-$12.80
Totes, Purses, Clutches: $6.40-$34.50
Shades: $5.80-$7.80
Jewelry: $3.80- $22.80
Leggings, Belts
: $3.50-$9.80

Clearly you have many choices when looking for cute accessories on the cheap. Which stores are your faves? And why so anti Claire’s, people??

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