Cheap Gifts For the “Others” On Your List

They'll never know how cheap it was...

So we all have those people in our lives that we get excited to buy gifts for. I’ve had my best friend’s present picked out for months, I can’t wait to deck my mom out in a new dress and some chic matching accessories, and I always love browsing the department stores and getting my boyfriend the watch he’s been eying or the latest must-have men’s scarf. (What? I love the way a guy looks in a scarf…)

Then there are the other people. Like your brother’s girlfriend who apparently got you something even though they’ve only been dating for three months and you barely know the girl (and they will probs break up in a week, anyway) so what the eff do you get her? Or that weird aunt who’s coming to the holidays this year. Or the guy in the mail room who’s always hand delivering those giant packages from home…

You don’t want to look like a grinch and show up empty handed. You don’t want to be impersonal and hand out gift cards. You don’t want to look cheap. But most importantly, you really don’t want to spend a lot on these people. So what do you do?

Here are some affordable, fun ideas for all of those “others” on your holiday gift list this year. You’ll look generous and thoughtful and sweet and kind and anything but cheap. Way. To. Go.


$10 for a pack of 3

These clever, stretchy hair bands can be used as hair ties, headbands, or bracelets! In addition to solid colors, they also come in fun designs including holiday themed, tie-dye, zebra and embellished. Order a couple sets, put them in a cute gift bag and keep them on hand for any fashionable girl in your life that you might have forgotten to buy for (believe me it will save you the awkward, “I forgot your present at home” spiel).

Anthropologie Home Goods

Ski Cap Candle Pom Poms: $18.20, Fiat Luxe Felted Soap: 14, Paisleys Spoon Rest: $10

The minute your recipient sees the Anthropologie bag they will shout, “You shouldn’t have!” Something about the store just oozes sophistication, plus they will (adorably) gift-wrap for free, making your gift look even better. Any mother, aunt, or kitchen-saavy friend can be taken care of with one of these gifts.

Free People Gem Earbuds

Gem Earbuds: $16

Whether you know the person well or not, you can be 100% certain that she’s got an iPod. You could go the iTunes route, or you could not be boring and lame and grab some adorable earphones… that sparkle! These gem earbuds are stylish and probably a welcome change from their worn-out , generic, iPod-issued ones that always fall out of their ears. Did I mention they sparkle?!

Forever21 Hat Scarf Set

Heathered: $9, Plaid: $9

Honestly, you can’t go wrong with a hat and scarf set. A matching set always seems more substantial than just giving one or the other. Forever 21 offers decent quality for the cheap price, and no matter who this guy is (a friend from home you haven’t seen in awhile, your boyfriend’s brother, or that weird cousin you never could pin down), he is bound to get cold in the winter months so this gift will most definitely be appreciated.

Holiday Coffee Mugs

Assorted designs: 7.99 Per Dozen

Stockpile these mugs in your room and you’ll always have a last minute gift at your fingertips. They cost less than a dollar each but are super cute and perfect for anyone on your “others” list. Fill it with hot chocolate mix or candy for a younger cousin, and with tea bags or coffee beans for someone older, then wrap it up in cellophane and attach a little note card. It will look store bought and profesh… no one will know.

Initial Earrings

Earrings, Urban Outfitters: $16

This is a gift that you can guarantee won’t be returned the next day. Well, assuming the person receiving it actually has their ears pierced, of course. These earrings are cute, (seemingly) personal, unique and cheap!

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