8 Under $20: Sephora

So if you’re like me, part of the fun of being a girl is getting all beautified and purtied up. I mean, beyond the fun that is playing with makeup, what’s the point of putting together a cute outfit if your skin looks dry, your hair looks flat and you smell like a thrift store?

Obviously, my all-time favorite one-stop-shop for all my beauty needs is Sephora. That place has it all… not to mention you can pop in there while you’re shopping and freshen up with their variety of samples. (Confession: sometimes I’ll make Sephora my last stop so I can use all their expensive makeup to get ready for the night!) The sad fact is, beauty products are muy expensive-o and can quickly add up.

Good thing Sephora has a nice stock of too-good-to-be-true goodies for under $20. Let the beautification begin!

Nothing says winter like peppermint hot cocoa and marshmallows, and this Philosophy set helps ya carry that smell around all day. And considering Philosophy’s usual prices, this is quite a steal! Holiday Bonus: The boys’ll find your scent irresistible.

I bought this set a few weeks ago and it’s totally perfect for beauty on-the-go. It comes with a gorgeous palette of eye shadow colors, a blush and 4 choices of lip gloss.  For under $20, you really can’t go wrong.

If there’s one guy out there who knows hair, it is Frederick Fekkai. He’s got tons of products to get your hair lookin’ its best and this spray is by far the most fun. It adds a nice golden shimmer to your hair that’s perfect for holiday parties and New Year’s Eve. Healthy, shiny hair? Yes please.

Perfume rollerballs are a great way to carry around a fragrance for those long days when you need to re-apply. (Like after that 100 question exam that left you sweatin’.)  I love this Stella McCartney scent, but they have a whole lot of options to choose from if Stella isn’t your girl.

Everyday essentials by Bare Escentuals? That are 100% natural? That will make you look perfect without making you break out? I can’t think of anything more heavenly.

If you’re a big Diet Coke/coffee drinker, these Go Smile Touch Up sticks are for you. You just pop one open and it will freshen your breath (because coffee breath is rank) and prevent stains from forming on those pearly whites (because yellow teeth are ranker…)

Bliss creams are. the. best. OMG. I can’t say it enough. This stuff rocks. It smells good, it absorbs quickly, it keeps your hands soft and it’s small enough to fit in your bag.

And for those days when you’re surrounded by snow, stuck in the library and all you can think about is a tropical vacation, try this lovely scent. It’ll take you to Hawaii…for under $20.

One more thing: If you aren’t already a member, be sure to sign up for the Sephora Insider Pass. It’s a free club that gives you points with every purchase and sends you awesome perks (like free $15 gift cards, birthday gifts and more). Yay, Sephora!

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