Gifts For The Tree Hugger In Your Life

We all have that super-environmentally conscious person in our life, lovingly (most of the time) referred to as the Tree Hugger.  While they’re always giving back to Mother Earth by reminding you to recycle, to take shorter showers or turn off the lights, they are not so easy to give to.  It seems like there are many ways to offend your favorite tree hugger during the holidays, be it by using non-recyclable gift wrap, too much packaging, or buying them a gift that somehow depletes the ozone layer.

But they still deserve something this holiday, right?

Let me take the guess-work out of buying for the environmentalist in your life, with a few eco-friendly gifts that even Captain Planet could love.

But first, a few tips:

Tip #1: Look for products with sustainable materials and processes.  Items made from recycled materials (there are tons of these on Etsy!) are very environmentally friendly, as well as unique!
Tip #2: Consider where the product was made.  Items made in your area require less fuel to reach store shelves, and therefore have a smaller impact.  It’s also good to know whether an item is fair trade.
Tip #3: Redefine what constitutes a gift and give to a charity in your recipient’s name.  Use Charity Navigator to make a donation to an environmental organization your tree hugger supports.
Tip #4: Think about how you’re wrapping the gift.  Gift bags can be reused, or you can reuse newspaper for a free way to wrap your present.

And now for some fun gifts!

Items Under $15

Zak! Confetti Dinnerware – Zak! dinnerware is made of recycled melamine. For $15 you could buy a couple dishes that your tree hugger could use on take-out night instead of those harmful paper plates
Little Concrete Planter with Airplant
– A perfect addition for your tree hugger’s home, even if they inhabit a tiny dorm room!
Eco Recycled Card Holder – A card holder for your ecoholic’s bus pass or library card made from a recycled billboard banner

Items Under $30

Filtered Stainless-Steel Water Bottle – This water bottle not only reduces the amount of plastic bottles being tossed, but it also has a filter built in! Who needs bottled water now?
Greensburg DVD Set
– Co-produced by Leonardo DiCaprio, this series follows the ‘green’ rebuilding of Greensburg, Kansas following a devastating tornado. It’s fascinating!
Burt’s Bees Gift Set – Natural beauty products to pamper your little tree hugger without harming Mother Earth.

Items Under $50

Love to Ride Set – Perfect for your bike-riding environmentalist.  It has accessories made from recycled bike parts.
Butter Nail Polish Pack – Your ecoholic can still look good with natural nail products.
Peeled Snacks – Nourish your favorite tree hugger with a gift tin full of tasty organic treats

Items Under $75

Surge for iPhone Case – This device is seriously cool.  It is a hybrid solar charger, meaning it can charge your techie-tree-hugger’s iPhone in sunlight.  A green-addition to this energy saving gift?  A green iPhone app.

Garden Stacker – This indoor herb garden is perfect for the tree hugger that loves to cook.  Bonus: there are different gardens at various price points.

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