Need a Study Break? Take a Study Break!

I always find myself procrastinating so much during finals week that sometimes I have to procrastinate from my original procrastinating. You know it’s bad when you have to take a break from what you were doing to take a break from your studies. Needless to say, I accumulated a list of go-to games, puzzles and quizzes that would keep me preoccupied when times in the library get tough, and I’d like to share a few of those with you.

Your tired brain can thank me later.

The Impossible Quiz: Honestly, I still haven’t finished this quiz. If anyone out there can tell me how to beat question 15, I would die for that knowledge. This one will make you pull your hair out, but my dedication to the cause keeps me coming back for more. I think you’ll find yourself feeling similarly. Quizzes: This site has everything you’ve ever wanted to know about yourself. Literally. Do you want to know what your purse says about you? Seventeen knows. Is your boyfriend about to dump you? Ask Seventeen. I could spend an entire 48 hours taking these quizzes and finally decoding the mystery of life.

Place the 50 States: I always knew I was never a geography scholar, but this game was humiliating. But I challenge each and every one of you to try, because I can’t be the only person out there who can’t quite place the entire mid-western region of this fine country. Yikes.

Free IQ Test: Because you know you’re curious.

The Game Show Network Online: When I study in my room, my first study break includes an Easy Mac and an episode of Chain Reaction on the Game Show Network. So when I study in the library, obviously, I turn to to play my favorite game show myself. I have come to terms with the fact that I may never get my 15-minutes of fame on an actual games how, so I might as well live vicariously through the internet, right? Sporkle has it all. Any game you could think of including one called “ClickyPanicky” that happens to be very similar to the once popular, but no longer free game “Snood.” God, I loved Snood.

Perhaps I am a gamer at heart. Who knew?

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