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Web Spy: Kaboodle


There are over 100 million sites on the Internet. 100 million! You might think you know about all the important ones (CollegeCandy, Gmail, Google, Zappos, CupcakesTakeTheCake…), but there are thousands of other sweet sites out there. And more showing up every day! We get it – it’s not easy or fun sifting through the crap and porn to find those gems, so we’re gonna bring the gems to you. Just sit back, kick up those feet and allow us to introduce you to the diamonds in the internet rough.

If you’re an online shopping junkie like me, you probably have tons of links stored in your favorites, saved to your desktop, or emailed to yourself of things you want to buy. Not the most organized shopping method; it gets so cluttered you’re left without that great sequins blazer you wanted because you couldn’t remember where you stored the link. And you do so much online perusing (it’s OK, we get bored during class, too) you can’t even track it down in your browsing history. R.I.P., sequins blazer.

Need a better plan of shopping attack?

Let me introduce you to the best thing that has ever happened to online shopping: Kaboodle. It is like your personal shopping assistant, keeping you organized and making sure you get the best deal on everything you’re searching for.

Kaboodle is an online shopping community that lets you create shopping or wish lists with pictures, links, and descriptions of items from virtually any online shopping site.  It has options that help you organize your lists as well, such as creating categories for each online store, or by type of item.  You can also add other “kaboodlers” as friends in order to share your great finds and check out their online discoveries.

While I use Kaboodle year-round, it comes in extra handy during this time of year because you can use it to create wish lists that you can e-mail to friends and family for ideas on gifts for you (OK, so it’s definitely not subtle, but it possibly avoids having to awkwardly act like you love that Snuggie and go return it later).  Plus, there’s the option of making certain lists private, so even if your friends are on Kaboodle, you can use it to create lists of gift ideas that only you can see.

Or lists of other “private” wants.

If that’s not cool enough, the site offers deals and discounts from different online stores all the time and also has occasional contests to win cool stuff (like gift cards to your favorite stores!).

So Kaboodle will organize you, introduce you to new cool things, save you the horror of getting another Snuggie and save you money. Seriously, what’s not to love about this site?

I'm a TV addict that loves to cook. I like Disney and Harry Potter probably more than an adult should and hate working out. I graduated from St. John's University in 2009 and am currently living and writing in sunny Southern California.