Would You Rather…[POLL]

Wednesdays are rough. Sure, you are halfway through the week, but you still have two more loooong days before the weekend. Barf.

Speaking of barf, maybe we shouldn’t have taken part in Tequila Tuesdays last night? There is never an excuse for waking up fully clothed clutching a 2 liter bottle of Fresca and an empty pizza box (WTF?), but especially not on a Wednesday morning.

Anyways, in order to get you through the hardest day of the week we thought we’d play a little game of “Would You Rather?” Because what is more fun than pondering life’s most random conundrums?

So, here we go. Choose your answer and explain why in the comments section below!

Would you rather have to go about college life normally for a day except that you’re naked OR retake all of the tests you took in your worst class (without having any time to study) because your Prof lost the grades?

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Universities Pimp Students For The Win?
Universities Pimp Students For The Win?
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